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AC Power Source Preen has three major product line, AC Power Source, DC Power Supply, and UPS & Voltage Regulator. We also developed products that serves to specific applications and market's needs.
  • High Performance Programmable AC Power Source

    AFV-P Series View

    AFV-P Series is a programmable AC power source with DC output and precision measurement. This compact power source provides clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 50/60 Hz and it delivers output voltage of 0-310 V and frequency of 40-500Hz (opt. 15-1000 Hz). It is ideal for commercial, defense and aerospace test applications from design verification,quality assurance, ATE to mass production.

    • Output Power : 600VA~5kVA
    • Output Voltage : 0~310V (0~620V opt.)
    • Output Frequency : 15~1000Hz
    • Capable to simulate Power Line Disturbance, such as IEC-61000-4-11
    • Standard: Ethernet, RS485, RS232, USB, PLC Remote; Option: GPIB, Analog
    • Inrush current capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current (Option : 9 times of peak current for AFV-P-600, 1250 )
  • High Power Programmable AC Power Source

    AFV+ Series View

    The AFV+series is a high power programmable AC power source utilizing advanced PWM technology to deliver power with THD ≦ 0.5% and up to 2000kVA. The output frequency is 45~65Hz with accuracy of ± 0.02%, and user can select 45~500Hz option to expand the frequency. AFV+ series can cover applications for home appliance, motor, medical equipment, lighting and EMC laboratory.

    • Output Power : 10kVA~2000kVA
    • Output Voltage : 0~300V (opt. 0-310V)
    • Frequency : 45~65Hz (opt. 45-500Hz, opt. 300-840Hz)
    • Programmable Output Voltage and Frequency Step and Ramp modes.
    • Standard : RS-232、RS-485、RS-422,Option : GPIB、Ethernet
    • CE & RoHS
  • High Power Programmable AC Power Source

    AFV Series View

    The AFV is a series of programmable AC power source that can be remote controlled and integrated with other systems for easier operation. Applications include home appliance, electronic, medical equipment, lighting, and etc. With better accuracy and faster response time, the AFV series offers greater advantage for R&D and compliance tests. Utilized PWM switching technology, AFV provides high quality pure sine waveform with output level up to 2,000kVA.

    • Output Voltage: 0~300V
    • Output Frequency: 45~65Hz (45~500Hz opt.)
    • Interfaces: RS-485 and RS-232 with opt. GPIB or Ethernet
    • Comprehensive Protections for High Reliability
  • Regenerative Grid Simulator

    PAS/PFV Series View

    PAS Series product is developed for renewable energy related applications. It can simulate the various grid conditions and related test standards. Especially the voltage or frequency transient simulation test feature, it is suitable for production, quali

    • Output Power: 30kVA~2000kVA
    • Output Voltage: 0~300V
    • Output Frequency: 45~65Hz (40~70Hz opt.)
    • Regenerative Function
  • AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter

    AFC Series View

    AFC series is a general AC power supply which can simulate standard or abnormal voltage and frequency status. It is suitable for the Certified Bureau, the production and R&D of various industries including home appliances, electrical electronics, medical equipment and lighting.

    • Output Power: 500VA~150kVA (1Ø) 5kVA~2000kVA (3Ø)
    • Output Voltage: 5~300V
    • Output Frequency: 47~63Hz / 50Hz / 60Hz (400Hz opt.)
    • CE certified
  • 400Hz Power Supply / Ground Power Unit

    AMV/AMF Series View

    AMV/AMF series are ground power unit which special designed for aviation and military industry. It compliant with MIL-STD-704F and it has stand-alone or trailer model available for different applications. The output voltage of AMV/AMF series is 115 / 200V

    • Output Voltage is 115/200V and the output frequency is 400 Hz fixed or 300-500 Hz adjustable
    • The protection level is up to IP54
    • Overload capability is up to 300% and the working temperature is between -40℃~ 55℃