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Found in 1989, Preen (AC Power Corp.) is a leader in power supply system and has been developing products based on the core technology of Power Conversion. We boast one of the broadest product line of power supply, includes AC Power Source, DC Power Supplies, Power Supplies for Defense Industry, Renewable Energy Simulators, Line Conditioners.

  • Next Generation DC Power Supply

    ADG-L Series

    The ADG-L's auto range feature can generate a higher output current at lower output voltage, covering a wide range of application in single unit. The intuitive touch screen HMI increases operational efficiency and convenience.

    • Output voltage up to 1000V
    • High power density: 15kW in 3U
    • Higher power generation by easy parallel configuration
  • An Ideal AC Source to Maximize Your Devices' Reliability

    AFV-P Series

    AFV-P Series is a programmable AC power source with DC output and precision measurement. This compact power source provides clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 50/60 Hz and it delivers output voltage of 0-310 V and frequency of 40-500Hz (opt. 15-1000 Hz). It is ideal for commercial, defense and aerospace test applications from design verification, quality assurance, ATE to mass production.

    • Output Power : 600VA~5kVA
    • Output Voltage : 0~310V (0~620V opt.)
    • Output Frequency : 15~1000Hz
    • Capable to simulate Power Line Disturbance, such as IEC-61000-4-11
    • Inrush current capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current (Option : 9 times of peak current for AFV-P-600, 1250 )
  • Best AC Source for High Power Testing

    AFV+ Series

    With single unit output up to 2000kVA, the AFV series is ideal for simulating voltage and frequency conditions in different regions, covering home appliances, motors, medical equipment, lighting and EMC lab applications.

    • The THD is only ≦0.5%,Leading Performance on Harmonic Distortions
    • Three-phase voltage unbalanced simulation
    • Output frequency up to 500Hz
    • Intuitive 7”Touch Screen
  • Cost Effective of High Power Programmable AC Source

    AFV Series

    The AFV is a series of programmable AC power source that can be remote controlled and integrated with other systems for easier operation. Applications include home appliance, electronic, medical equipment, lighting, etc, the output capacity can up to 2,000kVA.

    • Output Power : 10kVA~2000kVA
    • Output Voltage: 0~300V
    • Output Frequency: 45~65Hz with opt. 45~500Hz.
    • Interfaces: RS-485 and RS-232 with opt. GPIB or Ethernet
    • Comprehensive Protections for High Reliability
  • High Power Programmable DC Power Supply


    ADG+ series is an upgraded high power DC power supply, featuring low ripple, high accuracy and fast response. It can simulate various characteristic of solar array with the optional I-V curve function. The Output power is up to 300kW per unit with the patented modularized design and easy mater-slave parallel operation. With the output voltage up to 2000V, making it the ideal choice for applications like EV motor, DC/DC converters, ESS and inverters.

    • Simple master-slave operation, output power can up to 300kW via parallel connection.
    • Wide range of output voltage up to 2000V.
    • Optional I-V curve function for Solar Array Simulation (built-in EN50530 mathematical formula)
    • Ideal for renewable energy and EV testing applications.

Significant markets Preen served include electric vehicle, renewable energy, home appliance, military, aerospace and medical. Preen provides further solutions according to different applications to improve the user's efficiency and convenience.

  • Ideal Solution for EVSE Application
  • UPS Testing Solution
  • PAS Series Regenerative Grid Simulator
  • Preen Program Makes Remote Management a Breeze
  • LED TRAIC Dimming Simulation/Test Solution
  • Preen Provides Diversified Power Testing Solutions
  • Home Appliance Demand Grows with Needs of Advanced Testing Solutions
  • EV Testing Solution Part II : DC/DC Converter
  • Solar Array IV Curve Simulation Solutions
  • EV Testing Solution Part I : On-Board Battery Charger
  • One Giant Leap for LED Chips Testing Efficiency
  • EV Supply Equipment ATS
  • 1500V Photovoltaic System Simulation Solution
  • 1.6 MVA PV Test System
  • IEC-61000-4-11 Simulation
  • Test LEDs with a Programmable DC Power Supply
  • An AC Source to Simulate North America’s Single Phase Three Wire System.
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Research & Compliance Institute
  • Renewable Energy
  •  Medical Equipment
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Home Appliance
  •  Railway System
  • Shore Power Supply
  •  Electronics Manufacturing
  • What is AC power source? What is AC and DC power supply?
News & Events
  • Jul 27 2022

    New Generation of AFV series High Power Programmable AC Power Source

    Preen has launched an upgraded AFV high-power programmable AC power supply, delivering power up to 2000kVA in single unit. The output voltage range is 0-310V, and the frequency range is 45-120Hz (optional 45-500Hz). It is suitable for high-precision or complex power supply applications.
  • Apr 20 2022

    Preen invites you to join us at Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show 2022 in San Diego

    Preen invites you to join us at Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show 2022 in San Diego
  • Mar 03 2022

    Preen invites you to join us at APEC 2022 in Texas

    Preen invites you to join us at APEC 2022 in Texas
  • Feb 23 2022

    New Generation of ADG+ Series: Output Power Up to 300kW Per Unit

    Preen’s ADG+ series is a high power programmable DC power supply which output power is up to 300kW per unit with the patented and modularized design that is easy mater-slave parallel operation. The output power can be up to 1800kW
  • Nov 26 2021

    Taiwan E-Intelligent Vehicle & Green Energy Technology Conference

  • Oct 30 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at Electronic Power Seminar 2021

  • Oct 27 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at MEXICO TESTING EXPO 2021

  • Oct 13 2020

    Preen invites you to join us at CPSSC 2021 in Shanghai

  • Sep 29 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at the Automotive Testing Expo 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at Electronica Expo in South China
  • Sep 30 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at the Automotive Testing Expo 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at the Automotive Testing Expo 2021
  • Mar 15 2021

    Preen invites you to join us at the Electronica China 2021

  • Nov 27 2020

    Some Rules to Follow to Achieve Power Quality

    Programmable power supplies are essential for meeting the demands of today’s electronic equipment for clean and reliable power.
  • Oct 29 2020

    Preen Sincerely Invite You to Participate in Higher-Efficiency Power Supplies Seminar on November 11th.

    The main focus of this seminar is to discuss how to use higher-efficiency power supplies and better power requirements by new advance power design methods. More importantly, to aim for lower energy consumption rates, while effectively extending battery life.
  • Oct 20 2020

    Preen Won the Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award for the Third Consecutive Year

    In 2020, there were 1,068 shortlisted companies are chosen. Not only did Preen stand out in the fierce competition and won the 7th "Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award" again, we also became one of the few manufacturers that has won this award for the third consecutive year.
  • Oct 20 2020

    Preen Will Participate in the Fifth Electric Vehicle Future Trend Seminar and Roundtable Forum on 23th,October.

    Preen responded enthusiastically to this event and became a sponsoring partner of the seminar. As we believe the Internet of Vehicles will be more and more important in the future and Preen’s product will help and play an important role during the development.
  • Oct 13 2020

    Preen invites you to join 2020 Electronica South China

  • Aug 21 2020

    Preen will participate in the 2020 China Testing Expo

    We sincerely invite you to our booth to find out more about the latest technologies and solution of each series. We will make the best effort to ensure you can receive the high quality product and service for field such as: electrical system and battery testing, electronic system testing, dynamo meter, electrical system testing, reliability/life cycle testing, and automatic test equipment (ATE).
  • Aug 21 2020

    See You at Power 2020 Three-in-one Conference in Taipei, Taiwan

    Preen is about to participate in the 17th Taiwan Power Electronics Symposium and the 41st Republic of China National Power, which is the three-in-one conference of the Power Engineering Seminar and the 2020 Ministry of Science and Technology Electric Power Achievement Presentation.
  • Jul 14 2020

    Preen Sponsors Charging and Testing Equipment for Taipei University of Technology Formula Racing Team

    The Taipei University of Technology Formula Racing Team holds a presentation "Taipei Tech Racing Commemorative Exhibition and New Technology Presentation" from 7th to 12th,July. The fifth-generation brand-new electric auto racing car built by the team was also unveiled during the exhibition.With our support and sponsorship, TTR will use Preen’ ADG-L series programmable DC power supply as a charging device for their fifth generation racing car. It can also be used as measurement instruments for research and development testing.
  • Jun 28 2020

    Preen invites you to join us at the Electronica China 2020

    Preen locates at Booth A134, Hall 6.2. We will release the latest product ADG+ series on site, which is our new generation of high power programmable DC supply.
  • Jun 11 2020

    Preen Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its Establishment "Glory 30, Sustainable Development"

    Preen Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its Establishment "Glory 30, Sustainable Development"
  • Apr 06 2020

    Exhibition Postpone Notification

    Thank you for continuously supporting Preen AC Power Corp. Due to the COVID-19, lots of exhibitions we scheduled to attend have been postponed or cancelled. Once we received the exhibitions related news, we will immediately update on our website and social media. In the meanwhile, we will still update our product news on our website. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and once again we thank you for your understanding and support.
  • Oct 01 2018

    Come See Preen's Power Supplies at 2018 Electronica in Munich ,Germany

    This year Preen (AC power Corp.) will exhibit our latest Rack Mount DC/AC Power Supply. Come to Munich Messe and meet us at the A5 Hall Power Supply section.
  • Oct 30 2017

    Preen's AFV-P Series Programmable AC DC Power Supply Won the Taiwan Excellence Reward

    Preen's (AC Power Corp.) Programmable AC and DC Power Supply received 2018 Taiwan Excellence Reward. This is Preen's first time to participate and we are delighted and honored to win the prize.