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  • The Smart Inverter ATS is a photovoltaic automatic test system launched by Preen lately can meet the electrical performance test of relevant grid-connected test standards such as IEEE1547.1, EN50530, NB/T32004, CNS15382 and CNS15599.

    • Anti-islanding Testing
    • Intuitive Remote Control Software
    • Harmonics Waveform Synthesis Function(Opt.)
  • Preen's EVSE ATS is designed for verification of AC and DC EV chargers, which comply to regulation of SAE-J1772 and CNS15511, NB/T33001, NB/T33002, NB/T33008.1 and NB/T33008.2, GB/T 18487.1 and GB/T 27930; and Interoperability test specifications ofelectric vehicle conductive charging.

    • Compatible with Various Types of EV Charger
    • Complies with international regulations
    • Intuitive SoftwarePlatform
    • Flexible System Configuration
    • Automatic testing for electric performance test and communication protocol test