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DC Power Supply Preen has three major product line, AC Power Source, DC Power Supply, and UPS & Voltage Regulator. We also developed products that serves to specific applications and market's needs.
  • Programmable DC Power Supply

    ADG-L Series View

    AC Power Corp. (Preen) introduces its latest programmable DC power supply, ADG-L Series which have 14 models and three different output power, 4kW, 8 kW and 12 kW. Utilizing PWM technology, ADG-L delivers stable output and precise measurement.

    • Output Power : 4kW~12kW
    • Output Voltage : 2000Vmax (2 units serial)
    • Output Current : 375Amax(5 units parallel)
    • Mode : CV/CC/CP
    • Programming Sequences and Simulations
    • CE and RoHS certified
    • Standard: RS-485、RS-232,Option: GPIB、Ethernet
  • High Power Programmable DC Power Supply

    ADG-P Series View

    ADG-P series is a programmable DC power supply with high power density and high output power, offering great response time, high accuracy and many output voltage and current combinations. Designed for the increasing demand of high power DC, ADG-P is ideal for testing EV's motor/compressor, server power supply, fuse/circuit breaker/contactor, and PV inverter or can be used as a facility power or EMC chamber power.

    • Output Power : 30kW~100kW
    • Output Voltage : 2000Vmax (single unit)
    • Output Current : 2500Amax (single unit)
    • Mode : Constant Voltage (CV) / Constant Current (CC)
    • Programmable Step and Gradual modes
    • Standard : RS-485, Option : RS-232、GPIB、Analog
    • CE & RoHS
  • Rack Mount DC Power Supply

    ADC Series View

    With compact size and light weight, ADC series starts from 2 kW and can be paralleled up to 24kW with 19 inches cabinet. The output voltage is 0-30V to 0- 600V and it has been widely adopted in production line, burn-in test, laboratories and integrated system.

    • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance.
    • Protections: overvoltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature
    • Modular Design : 4kW in 2U, 8kW in 4U only.