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Regenerative Grid Simulator PAS/PFV Series

PAS Series product is developed for renewable energy related applications. It can simulate the various grid conditions and related test standards. Especially the
voltage or frequency transient simulation test feature, it is suitable for production, quali

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Preen AC Power Corp.
PAS/PFV Series

  • 4 Quadran
    Regenerative Function Ideal for EUT with grid tie function
  • Phase Angle
    Phase Angle Adjustment  Capable to simulate phase angle bewteen each phase
    STEP and RAMP Features For easy voltage and frequency programming
  • LVRT
    Low Voltage Ride ThroughIdeal for IEEE-1547 pre-compliance test
  • Reliable & Robust
    Comprehensive Protection Including OVP, OCP, OTP, emergency stop and etc.
  • 7 inches
    Intuitive Touch Screen Easy monitoring and control
Regenerative Function

PAS series is a four-quadrant AC power source which is capable to be a power source or sink the power from the EUT back to the grid system with 90% efficiency. It is suitable for PV Inverter test, EV charger test or other grid tie devices test. Build in with Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) test graph and it is very suitable for IEEE-1547 or BDEW related standards compliance test.

Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT)

Built-in Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) mode can simulate the grid in abnormal conditions. The settings include rated voltage, frequency, drop voltage, recovery voltage, rise time and drop time to simulate various grid conditions.

A Variety of Built-in Programmable Features

PAS/PFV series has a number of programmable features that can effectively and accurately simulate a variety of power abnormal conditions or disturbance. Through the built-in step and gradual mode, users can simulate voltage and frequency single-step or continuously changes, such as voltage and frequency ramp up/ ramp down, instantaneous changes, and so on. Phase angle and three phase independent adjustment function can be used for simulating three phase imbalance and further test the reliability of the EUT. With low voltage ride through and regenerative function, PAS series is suitable for PV Inverter, Bi-directional EV charger, Energy Storage System as an all purpose grid system simulator.

PAS Series product is developed for renewable energy related applications. It can simulate the various grid conditions and related test standards. Especially the voltage or frequency transient simulation test feature, it is suitable for production, quality verification, research and development.It also builds in with Low Voltage Ride Through Test (LVRT) test function, step mode and gradual mode programmable capability.

  • Output Power

    Three Phase: 45kVA~2000kVA

  • Output Voltage


  • Output Frequency

    45~65Hz (40~70Hz opt.)

  • THD

    ≦ 2% (Resistive Load)

  • Load Regulation

    ≦ 1% (Resistive Load)

  • Efficiency

    ≧ 92% at Max. Power

  • Input Power Factor

    ≧ 0.99 at Max. Power

  • Interfaces
    • Standard:
    • RS-232
    • RS-485
    • Optional:
    • Ethernet
    • GPIB
  • PAS has built-in low voltage ride through (LVRT) mode, which can be easily used for simulating the voltage drop test according to different test standards.
  • PAS/PFV equip with energy feedback feature that feeds energy back into the grid system for saving energy and sinking the power from grid tie devices.
  • PAS series is suitable for standard verification. For example: UL1741,IEEE 1547, BDEW, and CEI0-16 etc.
  • Three phase independent voltage adjustment is suitable for three phase unbalance testing or multiple single phase test units. It also equips with phase angle adjustment.
  • Standard RS-232,RS-485 communication interface, optional GPIB, Ethernet and USB.
  • With 7 inch LCD touch screen display, it can display output voltage, current, frequency, active/apparent power, power factor, test information at the same time.
  • More protection mechanism, detect output undervoltage overvoltage, overcurrent, over load , input undervoltage/overvoltage, over temperature... etc 20 fault conditions and record 255 operation and alarm information for troubleshooting and analysis.
  • Step or gradual mode programmable memories can be used for simulate abnormal power condition and run in automatically sequences,which allows you to setup different voltage and frequency in each steps for your power simulation requirements.
Model Number Description
  • PAS-F 33030 Regenerative Grid Simulator(30kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including LVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33045 Regenerative Grid Simulator(45kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33060 Regenerative Grid Simulator(60kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33075 Regenerative Grid Simulator(75kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33100 Regenerative Grid Simulator(100kVA/300V/45-65H, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33120 Regenerative Grid Simulator(120kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33150 Regenerative Grid Simulator(150kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33200 Regenerative Grid Simulator(200kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33300 Regenerative Grid Simulator(300kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-F 33400 Regenerative Grid Simulator(400kVA/300V/45-65Hz, IncludingLVRT Testing)
  • PAS-001 Soft Start Function
  • PAS-002 GPIB Interface
  • PAS-003 Ethernet Interface
  • PAS-004 USB Interface
  • PAS-005 Output Frequency 40-70Hz
  • PFV-33045 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(45kVA/300V/45-65Hz,Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-33060 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(60kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-33075 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(75kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-33100 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(100kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-33120 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(120kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-33150 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(150kVA/300V/45-65Hz, Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-33200 High Power Programmable AC Power Source(200kVA/300V/45-65Hz,Including Regenerative Function)
  • PFV-001 Soft Start Function
  • PFV-002 GPIB Interface
  • PFV-003 Ethernet Interface
  • PFV-004 USB Interface