Auxiliary Inverter Testing Solutions


The auxiliary inverter stands as an indispensable component in railway transportation systems, playing a crucial role on high-speed rails, conventional trains, and subways. In subway systems, multiple auxiliary inverters are often deployed to ensure the smooth operation of various train components. In the case of conventional trains, the necessity escalates, requiring at least two sets of auxiliary inverters. One set is dedicated to supplying power for the main motor fan and composite cooling fan, while the other is responsible for providing energy to other auxiliary electrical equipment.
The control unit of the auxiliary inverter must comply with the testing standards outlined in IEC 60571:2006 (GB/T 25119-2021). The equipment must maintain normal operation under various supplied voltage conditions. For instance, if the input voltage for the product is set at DC 110V, it should operate smoothly within voltage ranges of +15%, +25%, ±40%, and +25% to +40%. These regulations also apply to inverters or other components within trains powered by chargers/batteries.
To meet testing requirements, Preen’s ADG-L series Programmable DC Power Supply can simulate the input terminals of auxiliary inverters, and comply with the regulations of GB/T 34575-2023. Moreover, the series can also test the internal components of auxiliary inverters such as Interface control unit, fuses, and contactors. Users can use the built-in programmable functions or the Preen Program remote control software. With standard RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet/Analog and USB communication interfaces, users can seamlessly conduct continuous product testing. ADG-L series also features wide-range models and series/parallel connections, these functions significantly enhance the convenience and versatility of product testing.
Railway system, especially high-speed rail and conventional train, is regarded as a crucial connection between cities. It not only manifests the advancement of a nation but also serves as a key driving force in improving peoples’ lives. In addition to the auxiliary inverter, Preen’s APH series also can provide output power up to 600kVA and has strong overload capability(125% 40min; 150% 20min; 175% 10min; 200% 5min). APH series is a three-phase voltage regulators with input voltage range of -13% to 17% (or optional -22% to 30%), and voltage regulation of ±2%. These features make APH series often applied in transportation system; it provides important support for the reliability and safety of railway transportation.

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