DC EV Charging Connector Testing Solution

Rising Demand for EV Charging Connector Spurs Development of All-in-One Testing Equipment
As the prevalence of electronics vehicles (EV) in the market steadily increases, the expansion of charging infrastructure and the continuous advancement of charging technology have become focal points of widespread interest. EV charging technology is currently in a phase of rapid development, with safety and reliability garnering extensive attention. Prior to market introduction, charging equipment must meet stringent standards to enable users to effectively evaluate whether its performance meets their requirements.
There are multiple charging standards available in the market, including SAE J1772, GB/T 20234, IEC 62196, and CHAdeMO, among others. Each standard employs different electrical connectors, making it crucial for users to select the appropriate charging connector. However, the availability of a device capable of testing charging connectors across different standards would significantly enhance user convenience and the overall charging process.
Preen’s EV Charging Connector Test System for Enhanced Safety and Reliability
The demand for DC charging connectors continues to rise, and Preen’s EV Charging Connector Test System perfectly aligns with this trend. It integrates the ADG+ high-power programmable DC power supplies, temperature data loggers, industrial HMI computers, inkjet printers, PDU cabinet sockets, and our exclusive Preen Program software. The system is capable of conducting temperature rise tests and aging tests on multiple DC EV Charging Connectors simultaneously.
 ∎  One-Stop Test System
With the Preen Program, users can set the required parameters for DC charging connectors, like CC mode values, testing duration, cycle index, etc. Our EV Charging Connector Test System can simultaneously output current to components including charging connectors, cables, connectors, etc., and monitor the real-time temperature of each test object based on the data returned by the device.
Moreover, the system can collect real-time temperature data from each channel, save temperature data and its curve charts after the test procedures, and print the results out.
 ∎  Ideal for Multiple Standards of Temperature Rise Tests
Different charging standards, such as SAE J1772, GB/T 20234, IEC 62196, and CHAdeMO, have their own regulations of temperature rise tests. Users can customize the combination of temperature rise test according to their requirements.
 ∎  Multi-Channel Temperature Tests
Temperature data loggers can set 30 test channels at most. It means if a charging connector has 10 components requiring temperature rise test, then different components from three same standard chargers can test at the same time. Each channel can set different maximum limit of temperature, which is convenient for users to identify the test result.
 ∎  Protection Mechanism
According to the maximum limit of temperature that set by each channel, if the DUT become overheated, ADG+ will turn on the protection mechanism and stop running immediately to ensure the safety and reliability of the testing.
At the structure of a DC EV Supply Equipment, connector, cable, and other components play important roles. The stability, safety, and temperature rise during operation of these components are extremely crucial. Through Preen’s EV Charging Connector Test System, users can simultaneously test the temperature rise of several DC charging connectors’ components, ensuring their quality and function.

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