Comprehensive Aerospace Power Testing Solution

Aircraft Power System Standards: The Foundation of Safety

With the expansion of global air transportation and the rapid development of aviation technology, a critical factor in ensuring the continuous operation of Aircraft is the stability of the electronic system. In order to ensure proper operation of Aircraft systems under various power conditions, International aviation organizations enact avionics regulation packages such as MIL-STD-704F, RTCA DO160G, ABD0100 and GJB181A, to define the electronics system’s requirements.
Aircraft electrical power systems are a critical part of an Aircraft, can be divided into six different operating states, such as: Normal, Abnormal, Transfer, Emergency, Starting, and Power Failure. These states have specified test to verify that the equipment applied comply with the safety standards specified by aviation regulations. Some examples of relevant Aircraft electronic equipment are: Autotransformer unit, Transformer Rectifier Unit, Avionics and Cabin Entertainment.
Preen's AC Power Supply Series: Versatile Aviation Testing Solutions
The aviation industry has set strict standards for Aircraft power supply systems, dividing them into alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The AC voltage range is 115V/230V, the DC voltage range is 28Vdc~270Vdc, and the frequency is divided into three ranges: 400Hz, 360Hz~650Hz, and 360Hz~800Hz.
MIL-STD-704F regulations include SAC (single-phase 115V/400Hz), TAC (three-phase 115V/400Hz), SVF (single-phase 115V/360-800Hz), TVF (three-phase 115V/360-800Hz), SXF ( Single-phase 115V/60Hz), LDC (28V DC) and HDC (270V DC), etc. Preen has launched a series of programmable AC power supplies that can simulate and assist in testing multiple MIL-STD-704 standards. These products include the AFV-P series and AFV+ series, which have a wide output voltage and frequency range and can provide users with diverse testing options to verify the compliance of Aircraft power supply systems.
Preen’s AC power supply series product features:
 ∎  Wide Range Of Output Voltage And Frequency
AFV-P series and AFV+ series can provide voltage output of 0-310V, power output of 600VA-5kVA/10-2000kVA, and frequency output of 5-2000Hz (opt.)/300-840Hz (opt.). Such a wide output range can meet the testing needs of different Aircraft power supply systems to verify MIL-STD-704 standards.
 ∎  Programmable Simulation Function
Users can easily set voltage and frequency parameters according to the testing requirements of aviation regulations and simulate various power interference conditions such as power interruption, over/under voltage, frequency transient, and other tests to verify whether the performance of Aircraft electrical equipment meets regulation standards.
 ∎  Multiple Communication Interfaces&Control Software
Preen’s products are equipped with communication interfaces of USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, GPIB, etc. The series also provide control software with comprehensive programming features and LabView driver, which help users to easily control the AC source and generate customized reports in regard to specific projects.
These features make Preen’s products become the best solution of aerospace testing, which is helpful to make sure the reliability of Aircraft electrical system.
Ground Power Supply Solution: The Comprehensive Support for aviation and military industry
Preen has a wide range of AC Power Supply product line. In addition to the AFV-P Series and AFV+ Series, Preen also provides 400 Hz ground power unit, AMF/AMV series, specially designed for the aviation and military industry. It is compliant with MIL-STD-704F and it has stand-alone or trailer model available for different applications.
The output voltage of AMV/AMF series is 115 / 200V, and the output frequency is 400Hz or 300-500Hz adjustable. With overload drive capability and IP54 protection level, the AMF/AMV series is ideal for motor, aerospace, and military types of applications.

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