Testing Solution For Hand Held Power Tools


A Necessary Test For Power Tools

Hand-Held power tools become an iconic product in the competition among international manufacturers due to the rising demand for compact and convenient gears. Therefore, conducting comprehensive safety tests to ensure the reliability of power tools meet the standards has become an indispensable process. In brief, hand-held power tools come in wired and wireless ones. Wireless power tools primarily use rechargeable batteries, while another operates through the grid or AC power sources. This time we will focus on the testing solutions for wireless hand-held power tools, which help products to meet regulatory standards.
Preen’s Power Tool Testing Solution Covers Safety and Performance
Preen’s ADG-L Programmable DC power source is able to simulate several testing standards of IEC 60745-1:2006 and GB 3883.1-2008. Such as Starting Test, Input and Current Test, and Endurance Test. By the following test simulations, ADG-L is an ideal choice for power tool tests.
 ∎  Starting Test
Depending on the design of hand-held power tools, the required voltage can be different, usually, the range is between 0-240V. When conducting this test, the tool should be operated with no load for 10 times at an input voltage equal to 85% or 110% of rated voltage, to ensure the power tools function and quality. Preen’s ADG-L series provide 115VDC and 335VDC, and other low voltage models will launch in the near future. ADG-L offers stable output voltage, the load regulation can be ≤0.08% and the lowest ripple can reach <0.05%, making the series suitable for verifying the starting performance of power tools under different circumstances.
 ∎  Input and Current Test
According to IEC 60745-1:2006, power tools must be tested to ensure their rated power/current input is at least 110% of their measured no-load input power or current. If the power tool has multiple rated voltage ranges, the upper and lower limits must also be tested. ADG-L's Auto-Ranging function can perform these tests using only one power supply, whether it's a high voltage/low current or low voltage/high current test. This meets the testing requirements set by IEC 60745-1.
 ∎  Endurance Test
In paragraph 17.2 of IEC 60745-1:2006, power tools should be tested with 110% of rated input voltage for 24 hours and 90% of rated input voltage for another 24 hours. In this test, the power tool needs to be switched on for 100 seconds and switched off for 20 seconds as 1 cycle, then run in multiple ON/OFF cycles. The ADG-L programmable DC power supply can set up to 400 steps, set time unit in seconds, minutes, or hours, and loops up to 999 times, which is suitable for endurance tests and aging tests to verify if the products meet the standards.
ADG-L series: Your Top Choice for Multiple Testing Applications
The ADG-L series programmable DC power supply offers three different output power levels of 5kW, 10kW, and 15kW across 19 models that feature auto range capabilities. ADG-L series has CV, CC, and CP modes, and also supports parallel and series connections for multiple units, enabling a total output power up to 75kW, and output voltage up to 2000V.Furthermore, ADG-L series provides comprehensive protections including over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, and over-temperature, etc.
The ADG-L series comes equipped with various communication interfaces, including standard RS-232/RS-485, Ethernet, USB, Analog, and optional GPIB. These interfaces allow users remotely control ADG-L series through the Preen Program, which configures sophisticated sequences, saves/recalls STEPs, and generates test result reports. With these features, the ADG-L series stands out as an optimal testing solution for Power tools, PV inverters, Electric Vehicles, Batteries, Electronic Components, and Laboratory.

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