Voltage Regulation Comparison for Different Power Applications Part 2


Say No To The Unexpected Power Problems
Electricity plays a significant role in our daily lives nowadays. The modern world has depended heavily on electricity, and a stable power quality has become extremely vital. Unexpected grid situations like undervoltage, overvoltage, power sag, and power surge, can possibly damage electrical devices in operation. Apart from the voltage regulation technologies we mentioned in the last article, this time, we will compare and address other types of voltage regulators. (Learn More: Voltage Regulation Comparison for Different Power Applications Part 1)
Voltage Regulation Comparison
  • Constant Voltage Transformer (Ferro): Operating within the magnetic saturation region, this type of voltage regulator can compensate synchronously to obtain stable AC output voltage, and excellent bidirectional anti-interference performance. It can neutralize spikes and electrical noise but is huge, heavy, and unsuitable for inductive or capacitive loads.
  • Inductive Automatic Voltage Regulator: Through the magnetic field between the primary and secondary, the microprocessor moves the servo to compensate for the differences, making the output voltage stable. This type of voltage regulator features a wide input voltage range and low additional waveform distortion.
  • Tap Switching System: Consists of a multitap transformer, a controller circuit, and several silicon-controlled rectifiers, by sensing input and output voltage, SCR would select a suitable tap to reach the required voltage. The structure is simple but inrush current is able to damage the SCR in tap switching easily, causing lifespan issues.
Preen’s Voltage Regulator Provides Safe and Stable Power
The APH series is an Inductive Automatic Voltage Regulator suitable for wide-ranging and regional voltage regulation on power supply applications. It has a maximum single-unit output power of up to 600kVA and possesses strong overload capabilities: 125% for 40 minutes, 150% for 20 minutes, 175% for 10 minutes, and 200% for 5 minutes. It can withstand surges and nonlinear load impacts. The input voltage range of the APH series is -13% to 17% or -22% to 30% optional. It achieves a voltage accuracy of ±2. One major feature of the APH series is its effectively unlimited useful lifespan and its robust, durable, and easy-to-maintain characteristics that lead to highly cost-effective. This series finds applications in fields such as motors, machine tools, highways, high-speed railways, large-scale production equipment, overall plant voltage stabilization protection, and UPS bypass voltage regulation.

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