Testing Solution for Capacitors


Capacitors: A Vital Passive Electronic Component
Capacitors are an essential building block in electronic circuits and are fundamental electronic components used primarily in automotive, computer, telecommunications, electronic, and consumer electronic applications. According to Precedence Research, the global capacitor market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 5.96%, increasing from USD 34.56 billion in 2022 to USD 61.83 billion in 2032.
Routine tests and type tests are conducted for the safety and reliability of capacitors, such as the Sealing Test, Voltage Test Between Terminals, Voltage Test Between Terminals and Case, and Internal Discharge Device Test. Preen’s AFV and AFV+ high power programmable AC power source are capable to support capacitor’s IEC 61071: 2007, IEC/TS 60871-2: 1999, GB/T 17702-2013, and GB/T 11024.2-2001 testing.
Preen’s Capacitor Testing Solution
The withstand voltage test is necessary to ensure the circuits work properly. It is designed to test the insulation medium and insulation capabilities of the product to improve the reliability and further verify the defective rate. By adding a step-up transformer, the AFV+ series high-power programmable AC power supply can perform withstand voltage tests between the capacitor terminal to its container, the dielectric dissipation test, the leakage current test between the capacitor terminal and its container. In addition, by connecting a step-up transformer then to a high-voltage rectifier, it can also perform DC withstand voltage tests between the capacitor terminals.
The soft start function of the AFV+ series can effectively suppress the inrush current generated when turning on the load, allowing users to choose power capacity more flexibly and save on the footprint. Furthermore, the test standards often require different test steps. The AFV+ series features programmable function that offers 12 sequences for RAMP and 24 sequences for STEP. Based on the production requirements & test standards of different capacitors, users can either use the touch display or remote-control software to set different voltage/frequency and the time of each step, which helps to optimize the test process.
                                                                                                                               Programmable Function: STEP & RAMP
                                                                                                                                                  Soft Start Function
Abundant AC Power Sources For Different Applications
Preen’s AFV+ Series and AFV Series honored Taiwan Excellence Award in 2023. With PWM switching technology, these two series provide high-quality pure sine waveform. The output voltage is from 0-310V and power is able to reach 2,000kVA. The THD is ≦0.5% and the output frequency is able to reach 840 Hz. These power sources featured fast response time and precise measurement when simulating normal or abnormal power situations. Besides capacitor testing, they are suitable for renewable energy, EV chargers, EV HVAC compressors, home appliance, medical equipment, laboratories, and research & compliance Institutes with sophisticated and strict requirements.

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