String Inverter Test Solution


String Inverter is the New “Go-to” for the Solar Industry
According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecast, renewable energy will become the world's largest source of power generation in 2025. The installed capacity of global renewable energy is expected to increase by about 2400GW from 2022 to 2027. Due to its early development, solar photovoltaic technology has now become more mature than other renewable energy sources. For governments worldwide to reach net-zero goals, solar is often the first choice when it comes to renewable energy adaptation.
With the trend of net-zero emissions, the installation of solar inverter systems is growing exponentially and is expected to continuously expand in the coming years. With many advantages, string Inverter has gained widespread recognition and is widely installed in the market. It can have multiple MPPT built-in to track maximum power points (MPP) for maximize power generation efficiency. When a fault occurs in the system, the flexible configuration makes it easier to find the point of failure, which helps save the mean time to repair and the maintenance cost significantly.
ADG-L Series Programmable DC Power Supply: The Best Choice for Precise Testing of String Inverters
Preens' ADG-L series programmable DC power supply is the go-to solution for verifying the performance of string inverters. With the single output power up to 15kW and its flexible capability master/slave configuration up to 75kw and 2000V, this DC power supply not only can fulfill the requirements of the mainstream 1100V and 1500V solar inverter systems, but it also sets the pace for the future trend of 2000V systems.
The ADG-L series also has Solar Array Simulation feature, which provides maximum power point tracking (MPPT) testing for string inverters with single-channel/multi-channel capability. ADG-L series has a built-in SAS and EN50530 test profile, which is easily to program the IV curve & PV curve for real-time testing under different irradiation and temperature. (Learn More: 1500V Photovoltaic System Simulation Solution)
The ADG-L series offers exceptional hardware performance and is paired with the complimentary Preen Program remote control software. User is able to configure and customize test parameters such as Voc, Isc, Vmpp, and Impp, and generate reports that comply with industry standards. For design or quality assurance teams, this streamlined solution is ideal for performance verification of string inverters and is an essential tool for advanced technology development and quality control. (Learn More: Solar Array IV Curve Simulation Solutions)
Preen’s Smart Inverter ATS: Key Factor for Energy Storage System Development
Preen’s cutting-edge Multi-Channel Smart Inverter ATS consists of the PAS series regenerative grid simulator and ADG-L series programmable DC power supply. This automatic test system is capable of simulating solar panels and grid voltage/frequency, and can achieve four-quadrant energy feedback. With its advanced features, it is ideal for features like HVRT/LVRT/ZVRT, and is well-suited for compliance tests related to IEEE 1547 or UL 1741 standards.
To meet the solar industry’s diverse requirements, Preen also offers the High-Power Smart Inverter ATS, an exceptional testing solution designed for central inverters. This testing system has been installed in one of Taiwan's leading testing labs, which not only is the largest smart inverter testing laboratory in Taiwan, but also has the capability to test EUT up to 1MW. The High-Power Smart Inverter ATS from Preen is a one-stop testing system for various test standards such as grid simulation, safety, and EMC. (Learn More: High Performance Testing Solutions for ESS)
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