Preen's Power Solution for EMC Testing


EMC Testing: A Critical Factor for All Electronic Devices

According to The Insight Partners' forecast, the global EMC testing market growth from 2021 to 2028 will be 5.4% CAGR, from USD 2.11 billion to USD 3.06 billion. Before launching to the market, all electronic products need to be tested for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), including Connected Emission (CE) and Radiated Emission (RE) for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI); Conducted Susceptibility (CS) & Radiated Susceptibility (RS) for Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS).
Preen's AC Power Source Offers Clean Power Solutions for EMC Testing
EMC tests are performed in anechoic or semi-anechoic chambers to eliminate possible interfering factors and get accurate results. At the same time, the chambers also need clean and stable power sources to conduct the tests. With THD and load regulation both ≤ 0.5%, Preen’s high power programmable AC sources can provide neat power to DUT and are adopted by world-famous testing service providers, also many other laboratories worldwide like UL, TUV, and Intertek for testing standards like CISPR 14-1、CISPR 22、EN 55011, etc.
Preen Idealize Clients' Testing Requirements
When conducting EMC tests, some organizations use motor generators to supply power to the DUT, which may face a few challenges:
1. Electric motor generators require larger space
2. A motor generator is an inductive load, which means the power factor is usually lower and would easily produce reactive power. It is not only environmentally unfriendly but also generates extra costs
3. The reliability of frequency and voltage can easily affect the accuracy of EMC testing
Preen provides a total solution for EMC testing that is cost-effective, highly reliable, and accurate, which is suitable for Certification Bodies. Our AC sources are also suitable for the production, and R&D pre-compliance tests of various industries.
Preen Offers a Variety of AC Power Products and Tailor Solutions
Preen' s AFV+ Series and AFV Series, which earned Taiwan Excellence Award 2023, utilized PWM switching technology that provided high-quality pure sine waveform. Both products are CE certificated, moreover, AFV+ Series is more suitable for powering chambers that fit the CE101/CE102 and RE101/RE102 regulations.
AFV+ Series and AFV Series' output levels can reach up to 2,000kVA, and the output voltage range is 0~310V. For the output frequency, AFV Series is 45~120Hz and AFV+ Series comes with 45~500Hz or 300-840Hz maximum. These power sources are able to quickly and accurately simulate standard or abnormal power status, suitable for laboratory, research & compliance Institutes with sophisticated and strict requirements.

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