Preen Offers Upgraded Power Supply Lineups and Test Solutions

This year, Preen has come up with diverse test solutions for renewable industries and aims to contribute to the development of sustainable energy fields with our clients. While new products are on the way, we improved the performance and user interfaces of our bestsellers. To learn more, please refer to the related articles: New Generation of AFC Series AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter, New Generation of AFV series High Power Programmable AC Power Source, New Generation of ADG+ Series: Output Power Up to 300kW Per Unit
One of the biggest highlights in 2022 is that our AFV Series wins the Taiwan Excellence Award, a huge honor, and encouragement to all Preen teams. As the Year 2023 is coming to the corner, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude for your support this year, and we will keep bringing more optimal test solutions in 2023. Wishing you a Happy Rabbit Year! 
In 2022, people pay more attention to not only personal health but also the wellness of Mother Earth. Renewable energy has become part of our daily lives. Energy Storage Systems and Electric Vehicle applications are the most popular industrial trend and Preen can provide customized test solutions.
Energy Storage System
Energy storage systems (ESS) have emerged as a solution to energy and environmental challenges. Preen's Smart Inverter ATS is a specialized automated test system designed for ESS applications. It is capable of simulating a range of international standards, including IEEE 1547.1, IEC 62933, EN 50530, NB/T 32004, and CNS 15382. This system is suitable for solar inverters, power conditioning systems (PCS), and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems. (Learn more: High Performance Testing Solutions for ESS)
Electrical Vehicle
Preen offers comprehensive testing system solutions that are particularly focused on the EV market, including solutions for On-board Chargers (OBCs), DC/DC Converter, EV HVAC Compressor, EV 800-volt System, and High-voltage motors. Our complete AC and DC programmable power source allows users to simulate a variety of international test standards, such as IEC 61851, GB/T 18487.1-2015, QC/T 895-2011, GB/T 24347-2009, IEC 60034, and GB/T 22068-2018.
Preen's AFV-P, AFV+, and AFV series offer programmable setting that allow for testing the durability of different OBCs and simulating various types of power disturbances. Our ADG-L and ADG+ series are well-suited for high and low voltage testing of DC/DC converters, these programmable DC power supplies can also simulate battery charge/discharge testing and battery conditions in various scenarios. 
Events & Exhibitions
As COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, people are able to attend events. In 2022, Preen participated in numerous exhibitions and seminars, including Electronica Munich in Germany, APEC and Del Mar Electronic Show in the US, Expo Electrica International in Mexico, Electronica South China in China, and the EE Times EV Future Trends Seminar in Taiwan. In 2023, we look forward to seeing you at various events and providing personalized demonstrations of our products, tailor-made solutions, and answers to all of your questions.
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