High Performance Testing Solutions for ESS (Energy Storage System)


Unstoppable Trend of Energy Transition Drives the Rapid Growth of the Energy Storage Demand

Achieving Net Zero emission by 2030 or 2050 is now a key topic worldwide. Many government road maps include increasing renewable energy rate in daily power generation.To connect more renewable energy into the power grid, implementing ESS(energy storage system) is crucial to have a stable grid due to renewable energy’s fluctuating nature. According to the forecast of Bloomberg NEF (New Energy Finance), the global energy storage system will grow to 358 GW/1,028 GWh in 2030. As the demand for energy storage continues to expand, new standards for the reliability and safety of renewable energy system are set to improve the utilization rate of renewable energy.
ESS stores power generated by renewable energy, and uses them as backup power among black out or peak hours; thus, how to have higher efficiency of energy storage and how to use them more sufficient is main research direction in the renewable industry.   Preen’s Smart Inverter ATS is an automated test system specially designed for ESS applications, which can simulate various international standards such as IEEE 1547.1, IEC 62933, EN 50530, NB/T 32004, and CNS 15382. 
Customized ESS Test Solutions for Different Requirements

Central Inverter and String Inverter are the most common inverters in the mainstream market. In order to meet different demands and requirements, Preen has developed two different types of Automatic Test System (ATS): High-Power Smart Inverter ATS and Multi-Channel Smart Inverter ATS.
 ∎  High-Power Smart Inverter ATS
This system is an outstanding test solution for centralized inverters in large fields. It has been installed in one of Taiwan's leading testing lab. As the largest smart inverter test field in Taiwan, this high power inverter ATS is capable to test up to 1MW of EUT. The whole system includes 1200kVA regenerative grid simulator (PAS series), 1600kW high-power programmable DC power supply (ADG+ series), RLC load, power analyzer, and automatic remote control software.
 ∎  Multi-Channel Smart Inverter ATS
The Multi-Channel Smart Inverter ATS adopts a modular design, which can effectively simulate multiple solar panels, and it is scalable for higher power applications. This ATS  can simulate different sunlight and temperature condition and it is ideal for maximum power point tracking efficiency (MPPT) testing.
Take a look at the video below for more detailed information on ESS and PV inverter ATS
Structure of Smart Inverter ATS
Preen’s Smart Inverter ATS consists of PAS series Regenerative Grid Simulator, ADG series High-power Programmable DC Power Supply, RLC load, power analyzer, and system control software. Let's find out features about PAS series and ADG series down below.
  PAS series Regenerative Grid Simulator
PAS series is a four-quadrant AC power source that can be up to 2000kVA, and still can achieve up to 90% of energy feedback to the grid. It is suitable for testing devices with energy feedback feature, comes with HVRT/LVRT/ZVRT/anti-islanding test standards. PAS series can simulate the abnormal situation such as voltage drop/rise and frequency drift to test solar inverter, PCS (power conditioning system), V2G (vehicle-to-grid). (Learn more: PAS Series Regenerative Grid Simulator)
 ∎  ADG series High-power Programmable DC Power Supply
The output of ADG series can reach to 2000V and 1800kW maximum, which can simulate features and test reliability of batteries such as solar cell, lithium battery, etc. With the feature of solar array simulation, ADG series has built in SAS (Solar Array Simulator) mode and EN50530 mode to verify Dynamic & Static MPPT Efficiency of solar cells, which makes ADG series your ideal solution to simulate solar cells.(Learn more: New Generation of ADG+ Series: Output Power Up to 300kW Per Unit)

Other Applications