EV HVAC Compressor - Preen’s EV Testing Solution Part III


Rapid Growth of the EV Market Drives the Demand of EV HVAC Compressor

Due to the raising of global environmental awareness, it is now a worldwide trend to replace fossil fuel cars with electric vehicles, which leads to the high demand for EVs and related components. A Car air-conditioning system is a key factor in ride quality. According to data from Grand View Research, from 2021 to 2028, the EV HVAC Compressor market will grow at a 20.7% compound annual growth rate.
Unlike the traditional gasoline cars, the air conditioner on EV is driven by power battery, using DC/DC converter to switch high voltage DC power to low voltage DC, then providing power to the electrical compressor to operate the refrigeration system. (Learn more:EV Testing Solution Part II: DC/DC Converter)
High Performance DC Programmable Source for Testing EV HVAC Compressor
Preen’s ADG-L Programmable DC power source is a great solution for EV HVAC Compressor testing, such as voltage fluctuation tests and duration. By the following test simulations, ADG-L Programmable DC power source can be an ideal tool for EV HVAC Compressor test.
 ∎  Variation Test
The rated voltage of EV air conditioner is 280V to 800V. The maximum output of ADG-L series (single unit) is up to 1000V, and it comes with GROUP and STEP function. Users can set each STEP's output voltage, output current and time to generate consecutive voltage/current changes or set different rise/fall time. The control software of ADG-L series allows users to conduct multiple simulations without sophisticated coding.
 ∎  Life Cycle Test
ADG-L can set test STEPs and GROUP to generate consecutive output. The Preen Program provides precise measurements, test status, and test report feature for better analysis. For instance, when doing the Life Cycle Test, ADG-L can deliver 100% of rated voltage for 250 hours, 100% of rated voltage for 350 hours, 80% of rated voltage for 300 hours or 120% of rated voltage for 50 hours. Repeatability test can be performed to ensure it fits the standard of life cycle test.
 ∎  Multiple Output Modes
In order to apply to high voltage/ low current application, ADG-L series is equipped with auto ranging features along with CV,CC and CP as three different output modes. In the mean time, user can choose parallel or series connection to maximize output voltage up to 2000V or 75kW to fulfill either high voltage or high current testing requirements.
 ∎  Remote Control
ADG-L programmable DC power source support multiple leading communication interfaces such as RS-232/RS-485, Ethernet, USB, GPIB and Analog control. Preen also provides control panel –Preen Program. With user-friendly and easy parameter setting, users can control the source remotely and carry out the precise and sophisticated sequences directly.(Learn more:Preen Program Makes Remote Management a Breeze)
Preen Provides you the Best Solution of EV Application Tests
Asides from air conditioning compressor, Preen’s complete DC programmable power source and test system are also targeting growing EV market.The key components including OBCs, high-voltage motor, DC/DC converter and motor inverter can also be tested by Preen’s programmable AC&DC power source to verify product compatibility with US, EU, Japan, China and Taiwan testing standards. Preen’s ADG-L programmable DC power source is no doubt your ideal solution for EV T&M applications.(Learn more:Preen’s EVSE ATS to Maximize Your Charger Testing Capability !

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