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The EVSE Market Continues to Expand

The demand for electric vehicle increases noticeably due to the trend of Net Zero Emissions, as the result, EV chargers will be indispensable. According to Markets and Markets, the amount of EV charging stations will grown by 14.5 times, from 2,115,000 to 30,758,000, at a CAGR of 46.6%.
Aside from the operational convenience offered, required times for charging are also the key aspect to consider. There are 2 types of output current, AC and DC; also there is variety of relevant national regulations, including SAE-J1772, UL 2202, IEC 62196, ChAdeMO, GB/T 18487 etc. Preen aims to offer clients products with high performance and safety, accuracy and reliable solution for testing. Therefore we release EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) ATS.
Preen’s EVSE ATS Total Solution
Preen’s EVSE ATS utilizes AFV+ series (High Power Programmable AC Power Source) or PAS series (Regenerative Grid Simulator) as power supply. The output power range of these two products is 10kVA-2000kVA, suitable for providing the charging piles with a single-phase or three-phase input while simulating voltage, frequency, and current. AFV+ and PAS Series complies to regulation of SAE-J1772, UL 2202, IEC 61851, IEC62191, GB/T 18487, ISO 15118…etc.; Electrical safety tests (withstand voltage, insulation, grounding impedance, etc.) and communication protocol tests. Please refer to the following picture, which shows the detailed test items of EVSE ATS. 
Moreover, the PAS series equips the energy feedback feature that can feeds energy back into the grid system which saves energy. The feature is suitable for V2G (Vehicle-to-grid) test, grid-tied PV inverter test, and other regenerative power supply tests.
EVSE ATS is an automatic testing system, which comply with regulation of SAE-J1772 and IEC 62196, China National standard GB/T 18487. This system mainly provides electric performance test and simulate EV charging process. It meets multiple regulations in various countries, providing Hi-pot Test Function (5kVac/ 6kVdc), Ground Continuity Test to ensure that the ground connection has a resistance of less than 0.1Ω, Touch Current Test…etc. Preen’s EVSE ATS testing software platform allows users to set different criteria, edit testing project and generate test results, which can be applied to variety of testing standard and requirements, offering a flexible and convenient one-stop testing system.
For detailed information, please watch the following video.
Aiming to provide clients a total solution, Preen’s power supplies is applicable for charger testing, DC/DC converter and On-Board Battery Charger. It is able to fulfill EV relevant test requirements and offers users a complete testing solution. Preen’s products are ideally for EV Test & Measurement application.
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