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Say Goodbye to the risk of unexpected power outages

Unexpected grid situations, such as power outage, brownout, frequency deviation, voltage sag, swell, and continuously under/over voltage, can be damaging to electrical devices in operation. UPS system regulates the unstable grid input and provides clean output even when the utility power is out or unsteady. Thus, UPS system is widely used in industrial, communication, hospital and data center fields.
Excellent UPS Testing Solution
In response to market rapid growing demand, Preen provides an UPS Testing Solution. Preen’s AFC series - AC power source/ frequency converter is able to simulate grid input abnormal situation and ADG+ series - high power programmable DC power supply is capable of simulating UPS battery discharging.
  ∎  AFC Series - AC Power Source/ Frequency Converter
The AFC series, AC power source can generate up to 2000kVA output power, voltage range 0-300V, and frequency range 45-65Hz (optional 400Hz). It is suitable for verifying whether the UPS can maintain a clean and stable output with normal grid situation. Moreover, the AFC series is capable of examining whether if the UPS is able to work while the grid is having sags, swells or frequency deviations. It can even simulate when there is power outage, the UPS can react rapidly and switch to battery mode successfully. Customers can control remotely via RS-232 or RS-485.
Below is the testing requirement Preen received from one of the UPS manufactures for its product verification and quality assurance. They required to verify if the UPS THD is always <3%, when the UPS output is at full load, and the input voltage is at 25%/ 50%/ 75%/ 100% of rated input voltage. For this testing scenario, the customer chooses Preen’s 300 kVA AFC series to test in R&D phase and 100KVA for QA test in mass production. They use the frequency converter to simulate different grid input voltages and see if the UPS can still maintain 230Vac output while the input voltage is swing between 285V-310V.
  ∎ ADG+ Series - High Power Programmable DC Power Supply
The ADG+ High Power Programmable DC Power Supply output voltage can reach up to 2000V. With low ripple ≤ 0.05% and high precision ≤ 0.1%, it can simulate the discharge of the battery to verify whether the UPS will automatically trip protection when the battery is at threshold voltage, for example: stop discharging when the battery is insufficient, it can also verify the performance of inverter when the voltage is higher than the threshold voltage instead.
ADG+ can deliver up to 1800kW output power. It is a great alternative of battery as users do not need to assemble and charge the battery. It also can avoid the low battery issue. Customers can select RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet for remote control.
Besides of the AFC series and ADG+ series, Preen also offers the AFV-P series or the AFV series high power programmable AC source for this specific application. Based on the different testing requirement, the users can select the AC sources that best fit their needs.
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Preen's solutions can fulfill the testing of single-phase and three-phase UPS system, either for on-line, off-line or line-interactive type. Preen already has been providing many UPS test solutions which power capacity is up to 60-100kVA. . We will keep providing the UPS market with reliable products and right solutions that support our customers on better product developments and more stable power supply quality.

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