PAS Series Regenerative Grid Simulator


Renewable Energy Trends Boost Rapid Growth of Solar Inverter Market

Technology brings convenience to the modern life, but it also brings up issues such as environmental pollution and energy shortage. With the rise of environment awareness, most countries have set net zero emission goals, which lead to the booming of renewable energy industry, especially in solar power field. According to the report from Grand View Research, in 2021, the market revenue of global solar inverter sales is around US$9.31 billion, and estimates to have 6.2% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2022 to 2030. Therefore, safety and reliability of the distributed generations have also become the top priority when it comes to product development.
Regenerative Grid Simulator with over 90% of Energy Regeneration Efficiency
Preen’s PAS series is a four-quadrant AC power source which is capable of sinking the power from EUT back to the grid with more than 90% efficiency. This function effectively helps to reduce the electricity cost. The PAS series is suitable for testing distributed generation/Grid-tied EUT with energy feedback feature, for example, solar inverter, PCS (power conditioning system), V2G (vehicle-to-grid). Following are the key features of the PAS series Regenerative Grid Simulator:
In recent years, solar system fire accidents are often-heard. It is necessary to verify if the solar inverters meet safety standards.  PAS Grid simulator comes with HVRT/LVRT/ZVRT (high voltage ride through/ low voltage ride through/ zero voltage ride through) test standards. To verify if the solar inverter output are compliant with regulations, the PAS series can reproduce power grid failures, and check if the solar inverter works properly while the grid power varies within required limit. It helps to conduct pre-compliance test standards, such as IEEE1547, NB/T32004, UL1741, BDEW and CEI0-16.
  ∎ Three Phase Independent Adjustment
Users can set the 3 phase voltage independently to simulate unbalanced voltage. Along with the HVRT/LVRT function, PAS can replicate the voltage drop or rise separately or at the same time.
  ∎ Harmonics Waveform Synthesis Function
With 7” of HMI, the PAS series can set up voltage and adjust start phase of each step base on frequency 50Hz or 60Hz. PAS series’ harmonics waveform synthesis function allows user to program multiplex distorted harmonics waveform of up to 25 steps.
Let’s watch the video below to learn more about the PAS Series

Smart Inverter ATS
Preen’s latest smart inverter test system can meet electrical performance test of relevant grid-connected test with build-in standards such as IEEE1547.1 、EN50530、NB/32004 and CNS15382. User is able to keep and analyze the testing data via the customized remote software. We support our customer to build the Automatic Test System includes PAS 1200kVA regenerative grid simulator, ADG+ high power programmable DC power source, RLC load, power analyzer and customized remote software panel.(Learn more: 1.6 MVA PV Test System

The Best Test Solutions for Your Renewable Energy Product
In response to the hot topic of sustainable development for global awareness, the strong demand for renewable energy has led to PV inverter market towards high-power development. Preen's PAS series regenerative grid simulator can be up to 2000kVA. Even with such high power range, PAS series still can achieve up to 90% of energy feedback to the grid, which greatly saves electricity in testing high power applications.
Following the latest trend towards energy saving and carbon reduction, many products have gradually developed a bidirectional power supply technology to connect with the power grid and feed back the energy. PAS series will be your ideal solution to meet your testing requirements.
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