Preen Program Makes Remote Management a Breeze


Keep Track of Testing Data with Preen Program

The demand for high-speed Ethernet and remote working has been rising in tandem with the Industry 4.0, Preen has definitely followed this trend. As complimentary software, Preen Program has a simple and user-friendly interface; users are able to do their programming and generate reports easily even in remote environments.

Multiple Testing Modes and Functions for All Your Applications Needs
Preen Program is developed to operate several products, such as AFV-P series High Performance Programmable AC Power Source, AFV+ series High Power Programmable AC Power Source, AFV series High Power Programmable AC Power Source, ADG-L series Programmable DC Power Supply, ADG+ series High Power Programmable DC Power Supply, ADG-P High Power Programmable AC Power Source. The Preen Program software provides useful and convenient features, you are able to do all the testing you need with your DUT.
 ∎  General Mode
The parameters of voltage, frequency, current and power can be quickly set, and the time can be manually controlled
 ∎  Programmable Mode
AC Power Source-
with the accurate parameters settings of voltage, frequency, current and time for STEP and RAMP feature, users are also able to utilize the transient feature to simulate different pre-compliance tests and various types of power line disturbance such as surge, sag, spike and dropout.
DC Power Supply-
users can accurately setup each STEP with different voltage, current and time to generate consecutive voltage/current changes.
 ∎  Solar Array IV Curve Simulation
Solar array IV curve simulation has a built-in dynamic MPPT test profile of EN50530 and Sandia. It is also able to monitor the MPPT status for the PV inverters. Users can easily program the IV curve & PV curve for real-time testing under different irradiation and temperature.
 ∎  Waveform Preview
Preen Program can automatically generate corresponding waveform simulations, users can quickly know whether the test items meet the expected requirements.
 ∎  Step x Memory
AC Power Source- up to 1200 test steps in 50 built-in memories
DC Power Supply- users can set output voltage, current and time to generate step according to their requirement up to 400 STEP
 ∎  Report Generator
Reports can be quickly generated in CSV or TXT formats. Users can also create customized reports specific to projects
Let's watch the video below to learn more about Preen Program software!

The Best Way to Monitor Testing Data
To us, Preen Program is not just a software, it is a service that we provide to our customers to help them succeed. Preen Program gives users a second choice to operate the product. With features of easy-to-use interface, accurate waveform preview and real-time report generator, users can put testing data at your fingertips.

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