LED TRIAC Dimming Simulation/Test Solution


The Next Wave to Lighting Industry

According to the latest report from Grand View Research, Inc., the lighting market is expected to reach USD 46.9 billion in 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4% from 2021 to 2028.
Even though there are a variety of lighting products on the market, it is still hard to find intelligent dimming total solution. We can adjust the brightness of incandescent light by dimmers, but it is very energy-consuming and not eco-friendly. For LED lights, user can control the brightness though its dimming function.It also comes with a lot of advantages such as nonpolluting, and highly efficiency which lead LED lighting becomes the ideal solution for the consumer. It has been widely applied in commercial and industrial business and our normal life.
Introduction of LED Phase Angle Dimming/ Phase Cutting Dimmer
There are many ways to achieve intelligent dimming and "Phase Angle Dimming" is the most Common and popular way due to its low cost and easy installation. There are two different types of phase angle dimming which are trailing edge and leading edge, please see below graphics.
 ∎  Leading Edge Dimming:
Leading edge dimming simulates the TRIAC dimmer and the theory of leading edge dimming is to use TRIAC to set the cut off timing of each AC wave's front edge at phase angle of 0° to 180°. Since the dimmer Is featured with quick setup and easy to be purchased, it has been commonly applied in worldwide markets. with quick setup and easy purchase, it penetrates the worldwide household market.
  ∎ Trailing Edge Dimming:
Conversely, trailing edge dimming uses IGBT and MOSFET to control the setting time and cut off the second half of each wave's half cycle. The moderate voltage changes can reduce flicker which may happen with leading edge dimming. It also has no minimum load requirements which is ideally to exam single lighting device.
With Preen’s AFV-P series, users may choose different dimming methods according to their own requirements. The video below introduces how to set up the TRIAC dimming function with the power supply.

The LED Phase Angle Dimming Solution
During the manufacturing and design process for light bulbs, it requires multiple processes to reassure quality and needs to pass different industry standards for certifications. It could also eliminate public and safety concerns as well.
Preen’s AFV-P series is a programmable AC power source with DC output and output frequency up to 1000Hz. With phase angle dimming function, it could simulate both leading edge function (TRIAC) and trailing edge function (IGBT) which is compliance with IEC60598-1, GB7000.1, CNS14335…etc related regulation standards.
The users can operate HMI to set the output voltage, frequency, and angle (0-179°) to simulate the characteristics of the dimmer. This test method is more accurate than traditional dimmers, it can also control the output waveform more effectively and conveniently. AFV-P phase angle dimming function is the best choice for your dimming test solution.
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