Preen Provides Diversified Power Testing Solutions


Although 2021 has been a bumpy ride with issues of chips shortages, worldwide shipping delays and price increase on raw materials, Preen has still managed to deliver diversified and reliable solutions to our customer worldwide with fast lead time and qualitied service.
We now here to express our most sincere gratitude towards all customers and partners on your continuous supports helping Preen to thrive.Thanks to all the valuable experiences we learnt from our customer, we will constantly focus on home appliances and be dedicated to renewable energy development. We invite you to look into the future and enjoy the New Year together! Happy 2022!

Even under the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the pace of technology development does not slow down, especially on the fields related to Zero Emission, Electric Vehicle and Renewable Energy. Preen also provides different solutions on these fields.
  ∎ The topic “Charging” has taken a more critical role as more consumers are embracing e-mobility. Aiming at the exploding demands of charging infrastructure, Preen is dedicated to deliver diversified testing solutions for OBCs and EV chargers applications. The newly launch EVSE ATS system complies with US, EU, Japan, China and Taiwan testing standards. The key components, including OBCs, high-voltage motor, DC/DC converter and motor inverter, can be tested by Preen’s programmable AC&DC power source to verify product capability and reliability as your ideal solution for EV T&M applications.

  ∎ The development of renewable energy is receiving increasing attention, especially solar energy systems. Preen’s PV Inverter test system meets the electrical performance test of the relevant grid-connected test standards such as IEEE1547.1, EN50530, NB/T32004, CNS15382 and CNS15599. It consists of PAS series regenerative grid simulator (10kVA~2000kVA), ADG series high-power programmable DC power supply (4kW~1800kW with IV curve simulation), RLC load, power analyzer, and system control software. The ADG series and PAS series in this system can also be applied for other applications in energy storage, electric vehicles, and electronics manufacturing industry.

Other Applications