Home Appliance Demand Grows with Needs of Advanced Testing Solutions

Pandemic Outbreak Boosting up the Home Appliance Market

Smart home appliances have been taking more crucial role after the outbreak of COVID-19. People intend to buy more intellectual and multiple-functioned smart products. Above all, the most beneficial ones are the kitchen and cleaning products in the household market. The intention of buying intellectual and multi-functioned products has increased, and kitchen and cleaning products are the most popular among all appliances.
Therefore, all the world-wide famous brands start to actively develop smart appliances so they can catch up with trends. The application of regular voltage/frequency range and simulation of all sorts of power supplying condition and safety protections are becoming the essential process of the development stage to making sure their developed products can be applied to everywhere. This leads to the active development and modifications of appliances by most of the white good makers to catch the trend of internet home appliances and health-related functions. The verification of product safety and functionality under different countries’ voltage and power conditions has also been an essential task.
Home appliances require a series of strict test and measurement procedure at the development and quality assurance stage. For example, diverse conditions have to be simulated such as voltage and frequency changes, the high inrush current measurement and the protections testing under abnormal situation.(Learn more:An AC Source to Simulate North America’s Single Phase Three Wire System.
Test Solution for Home Appliance
Revolving into composite functions, the home appliances’ specifications and related testing standards are increasing. In order to help users effectively reduce test costs and product risks, Preen's programmable AC and DC power supply combine the required test functions in one test. It is suitable for the verification of relevant standards and regulations such as IEC60335-1, GB4706.1 and so on.(Learn more:IEC-61000-4-11 Simulation
High Performance Programmable Power Sources:
 ∎  Programmable Simulations:Through the Transient feature, user can have more control over the waveform by inserting disturbance at user-defined sites with user-defined drop/rise range. This is a useful feature to simulate different pre compliance tests and various types of power line disturbance, such as surge, sag, spike and dropout, for immunity tests.
  ∎ High Inrush Current EUT & Start / End Angle Setting:Preen’s programmable power supply can sustain inrush current up to 9 times of max. output current. The user doesn’t have to purchase high capacity power supply due to the load’s high inrush current .
  ∎  Multiple Communication Interfaces & Control Software:Preen’s programmable power supply equipped with communication interfaces of USB, Ethernet, RS232, and RS485, so users no longer need to spend extra on remote interface card. Complimentary control software with comprehensive programming features and LabView driver are also accompany with the unit, which help users to easily control the source without further needs of programming.
Perfect Way to Increase the Efficiency of Home Appliances Testing by Using One Programmable Power Supply
Preen’s power supply provides a pure sine wave power with great voltage regulation, high frequency stability and low harmonic distortion. Users can convert utility power to a power that the user is able to self-defined the voltage and frequency, and runs verification process automatically to ensure home appliance’s performance and reliability in abnormal power environment. Preen strives to provide appliances market with reliable products and right solutions that support our customers on better product developments and more efficient problem solving.(Learn more:How to Do Inrush Current Testing with a “Small” AC Source?

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