EV Testing Solution Part II : DC/DC Converter

High Performance Testing Solutions for DC/DC Converter in EV industry The growth of electric vehicles market has led to a boost for EV’s electronic components including motors, DC/DC converters, On-Board Battery Charger (OBC) and etc. It is reported by the Global Information, Inc. that the global DC/DC converter market size is prospected to grow strongly from USD 9.9 billion in 2021 to USD 17.6 billion by 2026. (Learn more:EV Testing Solution Part I : On-Board Battery Charger
DC/DC converter is a circuit or regulator that converts a source of DC from one voltage level to another. It is widely used in a variety of products from portable devices, such as cell phones and computers, to electric vehicles. DC/DC converter is also one of the key components for electric vehicles. It converts voltage  from the High Voltage (HV) battery pack and to Low Voltage like 12V or 48V for wipers, air conditioners, headlights, stereos, seat heaters and etc.
With the demands of the ever changing technology from the growing EV market, DC/DC converters have seen a great performance improvement on efficiency, reliability, control and even power level. One of the main objective for DC/DC converter developments is how to converter EV battery pack down to lower voltage efficiently and reliably.
Preen’s Application Note for DC/DC Converter
Preen’s programmable DC supply is suitable for high-voltage and low-voltage DC/DC converters testing. The built-in simulation function allows DUT to be tested for voltage and current dropout, spikes and other repetitive testing. With its outstanding stability, precise measurement and user friendly programmable function, ADG-L series allows user to enter the test data easily and test multiple DC/DC converters at the same time. This significantly advances the testing efficiency and productivity comparing to the conventional testing solutions. Preen’s ADG series offers output voltage up to 2000V and output power from 5kW to 300kW which is ideal for high power DC/DC converters testing applications.
 ∎  Input voltage testing: The built-in programmable function from Preen’s DC supply (ADG series) allow user to easily create complex DC waveform with intuitive setting. Not only it can setup each STEP with different voltage, current and time to generate consecutive voltage/current changes, it can also define various rise/fall time as well.
 ∎  Transient response and switching on/off testing: Preen’s programmable DC supply is designed for low ripple, high accuracy and outstanding load regulation performance to simulate multiple DC voltages. With fast transient response and rise time, it is very ideal to carry out voltage sags, dropouts or perform on/off tests.
 ∎  Protection functions: Preen’s programmable DC supply features completed protections, including OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, LDC OV and Vin UV. Also, they provide an error log to record critical errors. The logging data includes date, time, and error types for tracking later.
Testing Multiple DUTs under One Unit
Preen’s programmable DC supply, ADG series is able to simulate EV’s DC/DC converter related test standards such as GB/T24347-2009, which is applicable to test bidirectional DC/DC converter, ultracapacitor, and other multifunctional products and user has the flexibility to save different EV components testing data in the unit or integrate it in its automatic testing system.(Learn more:One Giant Leap for LED Chips Testing Efficiency
With the company beliefs of“Innovation and Values”, Preen strives to provide the market with reliable products and right solutions that support our customers on better product developments and more efficient problem solving. As the auto industry is fast shifting to electric vehicle, providing testing solutions that aid the transition has become our priority and is aligned with our goal for  the sustainable future.(Learn more:Preen’s EVSE ATS to Maximize Your Charger Testing Capability !

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