Solar Array IV Curve Simulation Solutions

Key Element for PV Inverter Testing-Solar array IV curve simulation

The Prospect of Solar Power Development Leads the Topic on Energy Storage Efficiency and PV Applications

In response to the rapid growth of sustainability awareness, governments around the world have released multiple policies that aim to lower the carbon footprints and transformer the energy from fossil-based to zero-carbon. The analysis released by InfoLink stated that by 2030, renewable energy economy will be more than 25% , and the world will see over 3000GW of renewable energy installations.
Among all, solar power is one of the most popular sources of renewable energy due to easy accessibility, and the power solar generate has been more efficient than wind, biomass, and hydroelectric energy. Hence, how to storage the solar power with high efficiency and its applications have become hot topics in the industry.
Normally, the solar power system structure is using solar array to convert the radiation to DC source and convert again to AC source with PV inverter to supply to the household or connect back to the grid. To install this type of system needs to take the location’s environmental conditions, such as temperature changes and daylight hours into considerations. Therefore, the trendy technology focus more on building a working condition with routine cycles to test panel’s DC power generation and monitor the efficiency of MPPT for PV inverters.
Introduction of Solar Array IV Curve Simulation
Nowadays, the rapid growth of solar panels and PV inverters has led to more demands on higher current, voltage, and power testings. Preen’s programmable DC sources have up to 2000V and 5kW to 2000kW high power output with solar array IV curve simulation function that is suitable for PV inverter testing.
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Preen rolls out a new function on the latest programmable DC power supply: solar array IV curve simulation, which has built-in dynamic MPPT test profile of EN50530 and Sandia and can monitor the MPPT status for the PV inverters. Users can easily program the IV curve & PV curve for real-time testing under different irradiation and temperature.
Static dynamic MPPT efficiency testing is suitable for a single rapid test, while Dynamic MPPT efficiency testing is suitable for an automated testing. The difference of dynamic MPPT from static MPPT is that users can edit and control multiple sets of test parameters, and define repeated cycles and automatic ON/OFF. Also, the settings can be recorded. Users can easily monitor the test results via the program and save the settings for future applications.
Preen’s programmable DC power supply offers a great response time and high accuracy with the design of DSP control. It can quickly calculate the IV curve composed of 128-point voltage and current. Users just need to select the EN50530 or SAS testing mode and set the material and parameter., Preen Program would simulate the output characteristics of solar cell under different settings, and displays the IV curve and the MPPT status for the PV inverter.
Now, let's take a look at the introduction video to understand how the solar array IV Curve simulation works!

Preen is Your Ideal Testing Solution for PV Inverter Test System
Solar array IV curve simulation function is available for most of our programmable DC power supplies. As a leading T&M power supply provider, Preen offers not only programmable power supplies but also test system solutions that especially focus on growing new energy and smart grid markets. The 1.6MVA PV test system that has been delivered by Preen lately is now the biggest system that has been installed in Taiwan. It meets the electrical performance test of the relevant grid-connected test standards such as IEEE1547.1, EN50530, NB/T32004, CNS15382 and CNS15599.
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Preen’s PV test system consists of PAS series regenerative grid simulator (10kVA~2000kVA), ADG series high-power programmable DC power supply (4kW~1800kW with IV curve simulation), RLC load, power analyzer, and system control software. The ADG series and PAS series in this system can also be combined for other applications in different industries such as energy storage, electric vehicles, and electric manufacturing industry. With the company beliefs of “Innovation and Values”, Preen strives to provide the market with reliable products and right solutions that support our customers on better product developments and more efficient problem solving.
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