One Giant Leap for LED Chips Testing Efficiency

Productivity Boost! Test hundreds of chips at the same time by using ADG-L!
Perfect way to increase the efficiency of LED packages and chips testing by using ADG-L series to test hundreds of chips simultaneously!
According to TrendForce's latest report "2021 Global LED Lighting Market Report-Lighting-Level Packaging and Lighting Product Trends (1H21)", the global LED lighting market outlook is more optimistic than previous estimates. It is estimated to reach 44.3 billion US dollars in 2025.
The growth of the LED market has led to a boost for the industry from upstream to downstream. In the process of LED manufacturing, the packaging and testing step for microcircuit are the curial stage that cannot be ignored. Before moving on to the next step of manufacturing process, it is necessary to conduct heating, dimming, and aging tests through the test power supply to confirm its safety and accuracy.
The traditional testing method can only test single or several LED units by manually adjusting the current for dimming test via one low power DC power, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Nowadays, a high power programmable DC power supply can be used to test multiple LED chips at the same time, increasing the testing speed and productivity.
Field test for LED chip aging test
We use ADG-L programmable DC power supply to conduct for LED aging test. ADG-L can provide stable voltage and current for each LED chip modules that are connected in series and parallel in constant temperature and humidity tester. The communication is done by Ethernet.
With ADG-L's exclusive software, you can not only set up the test sequences to repeat the cycle, automatically trip or start, but also simultaneously observe the test results on the computer.
Other LED light test applications
The ADG-L series can test with different DUTs. In addition to the above-mentioned LED aging test, the industry often uses programmable power supply to simulate power output disturbances, conduct step test and flash test of LED light so they can confirm whether the LEDs produces glare. It can detect LED color temperature, brightness and dimming effect as well. For actual test conditions, please refer to the ADG-L series introduction video below. (Learn more:How to Test LEDs with a Programmable DC Power Supply

ADG-L series has excellent performance and characteristics, suitable for high voltage or high current test simulation
ADG-L series is a programmable high-power density DC power supply. Compared with other brands, it can provide larger current in the same level of output capacity. 15kW single unit has 0~135 A output current & 0~1000 V output voltage. It can be up to 75 kW & 675 A after parallel connections. The active Power Factor Corrector (PFC) for enhancing input PF up to industry-leading 0.99. In addition, there are auto-range output options, as well as constant voltage, constant current and constant power modes, providing customers with diverse and complete choices.
ADG-L series can be mostly used in solar energy, electric vehicles, lithium batteries, component circuit breakers, contactors, fuses, laboratories, certification units, etc.,It is suitable for high-voltage or high-current testing, providing customers with various simulations in the R&D beginning stage or aging testing as production inspection.

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