EV Supply Equipment ATS

EV Supply Equipment ATS
Preen’s EVSE ATS to Maximize Your Charger Testing Capability!
With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI),digital technologies, and environmental awareness, the development of renewable energy vehicles has become a red-hot topic. In the past two years, Electric Vehicle (EV) industry has grown rapidly globally. Even under the Covid-19 pandemic, demands for the EV industry have become stronger than ever.
One of the major reasons is that governments across the world provide incentives to encourage people to purchase EV car. Under this circumstance, EV chargers plays an important role and becomes the fundamental infrastructure for the EV industry development. To ensure the safety of the EV chargers, countries have formulated their own standards and regulations for the performance and safety testing of EV chargers.
EVSE ATS is able to conduct EV charger electrical performance test and communication signal test. Not only this system optimize and integrate the testing items of related standards, it also simulates the simultaneous output and communication operation of the charger to test whether the magnetic field generated by the high-capacity transmission will interfere with the communication. Moreover, the test system is able to simulate the corresponding protection of the charger when the signal voltage of control pilot changes during the charging process. With all the advantages above mention, Preen is your best partner when it comes to automation testing by all means!
Structure of EVSE ATS
With its open system architecture, EVSE ATS not only can be equipped with Preen’s standard instrument but also can be configured according to customer’s requirement or existing instruments and be customized to provide tailored test results and reports.
Key Advantages
Intuitive Software Platform
The test items are available to be tested with barcode scanner, remote control or manual operation. With the simple clicking over the software platform to initiate the testing, the system automatically calls PASS or FAIL and produce the testing report accordingly.
Mainly Test Items
Test Item for EV Charger. (SAEJ1772 & IEC62196-2)
1.Hi-pot test function(for UL2594)
2.Grounding Continuous Test ( L2594)
3.Control Pilot Signal Test State A
4.Control Pilot Signal Test State B2
5.Control Pilot Signal Test State C
6.Current Capacity Test
7.Open Switch S2 Test
8.Connector Switch Test
9.Over Current Protection Test
10.CCID Test (UL2231)

Other Applications