1.6 MVA PV Test System

1.6MVA Photovoltaic Inverter (PV) Test System
Due to the rapid development of renewable energy industry, the demand for grid tied testing has increased dramatically. One of the trends of renewable energy is solar and wind power generation. To take solar power generation as example; the way it works is mainly through PV Inverter to converts DC generated by solar panel into AC power, which is incorporated into the power grid. Since the renewable energy power generation is a system which may be influenced by the environment and to integrate into the existing power system, may influence the power flow of the existing power system and cause voltage drop, fault current, harmonic distortion and power quality damage. Therefore, countries have established grid-connected regulations and technical specifications for power companies and renewable energy device manufacture to ensure the stability and safety of the power system.

The new photovoltaic inverter (PV) test system launched by Preen lately is the biggest system that has been installed in Taiwan. It can meet the electrical performance test of relevant grid-connected test standards such as IEEE1547.1, EN50530, NB/T32004, CNS15382 and CNS15599.

The PV test system consists of PAS series bidirectional grid simulator (10kVA~2000kVA), ADG series high-power programmable DC power supply (4kW~1800kW with IV curve simulation), RLC load, power analyzer, and system control software.


The PV test system of Preen is designed according to the specifications of various standards, and has programmed the test items into the system. The tests include the abnormal voltage and frequency test, synchronization test, open phase test, reconnect test and harmonics test (please refer to the detail information below). Preens PV test system can test inverters input voltage up to 2000Vdc, grid tied voltage up to 600VL-L and output power up to 2000kW. Moreover, all test data are saved in the system for further analysis and comparison.

With the capability to simulate different countries regulations in high power, Preens latest PV inverter test system is your idea testing solution.

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