Test LEDs with a Programmable DC Power Supply

How to Test LEDs with a Programmable DC Power Supply

Nowadays, due to the rise of environmental protection awareness, more and more people use low-power, adjustable LED lighting in houses, factories, and offices. with LED product characteristics, if the electronic light source driven by AC is directly used, it will produce stroboscopic phenomenon result from current fluctuations. Example such as fluorescent tubes, high-pressure sodium lamps and LED lighting are easy to quickly respond to current fluctuations and cause stroboscopic effect becomes more intensive.

Therefore, it is necessary to rely on circuit design to convert the mains power into a stable DC power input to avoid long-term invisible damage to the eyes. The design of LED is resulted from the same concept. After receiving AC power from the mains, LED lighting products will convert AC into DC power by a converter to supply power.

ADG-L series is a programmable high power density DC power supply. With DSP control architecture and PWM technology, stable output and accurate measurement results can be provided. PWM technology can also simulate the power line disturbance in order to test for LED testing.

For the product test of LED lighting leaving the factory, the ADG-L series of DC power supplies are particularly suitable for using programmable functions to simulate the operating status of 28VDC normal supply, 28VDC emergency supply, 24VDC battery supply for three different power supply mode. The detection purpose is to make sure that LED light does not produce glare that will reduce visual function, and the color temperature can also be consistent. In this way the color temperature, brightness and dimming function of the LED light can be detected in the same time.

Besides, DC power supply ADG-L series is also able to use programmable function to set step mode and make continuous voltage/current specified changes. In order to ensure that LED light can be continuously adjustable according to the input dimming ADG-L can also simulate instantaneous power line disturbances to test the tolerance of LED products, making the internal control signal, and the dimming is coherent.

On top of above features, ADG-L can also test objects with different characteristics since ADG-L has three output power 5kW / 10kW / 15kW, and total of 19 models to choose from. With auto range function, it can provide a wider range of voltage and current through a single DC power supply.

Thence, it can meet the application of high voltage and low current or low voltage and high current, saving cost and space. In the meantime, the voltage of the ADG-L series can reach output 2000V through two serial connection units. It can reach output power 60KW with 5 units by parallel connection. ADG-L can support multi-phase input, single-phase or three-phase input, and flexible system integration to achieve test results as well.



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