An AC Source to Simulate North America’s Single Phase Three Wire System.

How to Simulate North America 1Φ3W Power System?
  Grid power can be classified into three-phase power and single-phase power. The single-phase system can be further divided into two types, single-phase two-wire system: one live wire L and one neutral wire N, and single-phase three-wires: two live wire L and one neutral wire N. Generally speaking, single-phase three wires (1Φ 3W) system is commonly used around the world such as the United States (120VL-N/240VL-L), Japan (100VL-N/200VL-L), Taiwan (110VL-N/220VL-L) and Canada (120VL-N/240VL-L).

The household single-phase power is generated from the three-phase power system and the most of the home appliances are single-phase input. In the regions listed above, power companies split three-phase electricity system into three single-phase power system. Household appliances such as electric fans, hair dryers, and water heaters are all single-phase two-wire (1Φ 2W) input products. Yet some other household appliances such as air conditioner requires larger power, therefore single-phase three-wire (1Φ 3W) input become essential. For home appliance manufacturer, an AC source is a necessary instrument for testing the EUT. However, a programmable AC power supply that is capable to simulate single-phase three-wire (1Φ3W) and single-phase two-wire (1Φ2W) input is difficult to find . Without such AC source, it is hard for users to simulate the real power system and possible impacts to EUT. AFV-PLUS series three-phase output models can not only test the condition of the three-phase load, but also test single-phase three-wire (1Φ3W) load after adjusting phase angle, making it become more efficient and convenient for multiple tasks.  


With split-phase function, AFV-PLUS series three-phase output models can generate two times of the voltage via different wiring and phase angle adjustment function. Moreover, under low voltage range, split-phase function can provide two times of the output current for testing higher power DUT, which can greatly reduce costs. AFV-PLUS series can output 0-300 voltage (L/N). These features can do multiple tests in one unit which provide significantly convenience to the user.


Click the video to learn more about AFV+ series and its high voltage and current capability.

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