IEC-61000-4-11 Simulation

How to Simulate IEC-61000-4-11 Immunity Test?
The IEC-61000-4-11 covers voltage Dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests, and this standard are applied to many electronic products that need to be compliant to CE mark. The AFV-P series programmable AC source from Preen can easily simulate the disturbance for IEC-61000-4-11 pre-compliance test. Via the built-in programmable features, users can also create and edit the sequences for more flexible test routines.
Regardless of AC-DC modules, home appliances, or medical equipment, all electronic products liable to be disturbed by electromagnetic interference need to be compliant to the directive of IEC-61000-4-11. The IEC-61000-4 standards cover immunity to commonly found AC line abnormalities that are known to occur to the public low-voltage gird. The IEC-61000-4-11 standard is to determine the ability an electronic product to withstand voltage dips, interruptions and voltage variations. The standard is for equipment with input current below 16A per phase, and the actual test levels and duration depends on the product class.
The required drop time for dip is always within millisecond, and therefore it is ideal to have a programmable AC source with fast response. The AFV-P series is a high performance AC source that features fast response, high accuracy, low THD and tight regulation. It can simulate not only IEC-61000-4-11, but also IEC-61000-4-14 and IEC-61000-4-28 standards. Users can do pre-compliance test with the AC source to modify the DUT before sending to the certification labs, which further save time and cost for the users.
The video below demonstrate how to simulate IEC-61000-4-11 on the AFV-P series.

Features of AFV-P Series
  • 2U/4U
    Compact Sizes 2U : 600VA / 1250VA / 2500VA 4U : 500VA
  • 4.5 times
    High Inrush Current  Ideal for inrush current: capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current
  • ≦0.3%
    Low THD Total Harmonic Distortion is only under 0.3 % when output power is under 100 Hz
  • AC&DC Output
    AC source with DC output One machine with AC Output and DC Output to extend more applications
  • 0-310V
    Wide Output Wide output Voltage and Frequency ranges.
  • ≦300uS
    High Slew Rate  The slew rate less than 300 µs from 0~90% output voltage

Other Applications