Worldwide Electric Power System Simulation

AFV+ Series - An AC Source that Play Multiple CHORDS!
In order to cope with different electricity demands, there are a variety of electric power systems in the world, for instance, single-phase two-wire system, single-phase three-wire system, three-phase three-wire system, and three-phase four-wire system. In addition, the voltage and frequency are different between countries, so the configuration of the power system becomes even more diverse. To completely simulate all these configurations, whether in R&D, production lines or 3rd party labs, users usually need to purchase multiple power supplies equipped with different output configurations to meet each country’s electric power system requirement. Preen's AFV+ series, a programmable high power AC power source, is able to simulate multiple power systems, whether it is three-phase or single-phase. Combined with the functions of adjustable phase angle, voltage and frequency, The AFV+ series can realize worldwide power systems in a single unit, and further saves the cost and footprint.
AC single-phase electric power system is commonly used in our daily lives for lower voltage such as 110V or 220V. The single-phase system can be further divided into two types, referred to the figure below, single-phase two-wire system: one hot wire L and one neutral wire N, and single-phase three-wires: two hot wire L and one neutral wire N. The single-phase three-wire system can generate twice the voltage of single-phase two wire system, and it can be used for higher power appliances, for example, home air-conditioner, cooking equipment, water heater and etc. Countries with single-phase three-wire system include Taiwan (110/220V), Japan (100/200V) and U.S/Canada (120/240V). Users usually need to purchase power supplies with single-phase three-wire output to simulate the corresponding power configuration. By using three-phase model of the AFV+ series and along with the optional phase angle adjustment function, users can easily simulate single-phase three-wire or single-phase two-wire electric power system with one unit.
AC three-phase electric power system can be regarded as a combination of three single-phase AC power and is composed of three hot wires (phase lines), which are commonly symbolized as A/B/C, R/S/T, U/V/W or L1/L2/L3. It often has higher voltage than single-phase electric power system, for instance, 220V/380V, 240V/415V or 277V/480V, which is used for high power appliances such as commercial air-conditioner, elevators, three-phase motor or three-phase transformer etc. AC three-phase electric power system can also be divided to two types: Delta connection and Star connection, referred to the figure below. Delta connection is known as three-phase three-wire connection, such as the three-phase 200V power system in Japan. Star connection is known as three-phase four-wire connection which is used by countries such as China (220V/380V), US (277V/480V) and UK (240V/415V). By using three-phase model of AFV+ series, users are able to switch from three-phase three-wire connection to three-phase four-wire connection and simulate power line disturbance such as lost-phase or three-phase voltage unbalance.
Preen releases the new generation of high power programmable AC power source. The AFV+ series alone is able to supply single-phase and three-phase DUT. Combined with multiple output connection selection, phase angle adjustment and voltage and frequency setting function, user can simulate global electric power systems with easy setup. It is an ideal programmable AC power source for all kinds of industries.
The video below demonstrate how to simulate single-phase and three-phase power system on the AFV+ series three-phase model.
  Features of AFV+ Series
  • Up 2000kVA
    High Power Density with compact size  1Phase : 10kVA~150kVA 3Phase : 10kVA~2000kVA
  • ≦0.5%
    Low Total Harmonic Distortion 
  • ≦0.5%
    Low Load Regulation 
  • 0-300V
    Wide Output Voltage Range
  • 45-500Hz
    Wide Output Frquency Range(option)
  • Voltage & Angle 
    Three Phase Independent Adjustment & Phase Angle Control 

Other Applications