Railway System

Railway System
Automatic voltage regulators (AVR) and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) that ensure operation of railway system are one of the foremost important equipment. They provide continuous power supply for control center and improve power quality from utility grid for mission critical applications.

Preen's APS series is a solid state voltage regulator with high precision and fast response features. It converts utility gird power to a stable and regulated power, and prevent equipment from abnormal conditions such as surge from the grid. Therefore the loads will not be affected by grid's fluctuation. The APH series is an inductive voltage regulator with easy maintenance. Due to its no-brush feature, APH can lower the ownership cost and down time for maintenance. The overload drive capability allows it to handle motor type loads with inrush current, and makes it ideal for railway related applications.

The ABU series is a true on-line UPS specially designed for industrial applications with overload capability and reverse energy protection feature. The unit ensures that railway system's continuous operation even when the utility grid is down. ABU is optionally equipped with remote control function allowing centralized monitoring and control.

Preen's line of AC power source is also an ideal product for railway system's R&D and testing applications. With communication interfaces and programming functions, AC source can increase the efficiency and accuracy of test, such as voltage and frequency abnormality test. It also offers great advantages as facility power due to it robust circuit design and reliability.

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