Medical Equipment

In medical equipment research and development, manufacturing, or usage phase, power supply is one of the indispensable devices. Preen's product line has a wide reach to different applications, such as power supplies for verification in research and development, voltage regulators and UPS for power conditioning, and facility power for power conversion and stable input to equipment.
In verification process, running medical equipment in a range of variable voltage and frequency is compulsory condition to verify the performance in abnormal power environment. The AFV series and AFC series have adjustable output voltage of 0~300V and a range of output frequency of 45~65Hz. Users can set a variety of voltage and frequency combination manually or remotely via communication interfaces to conduct sophisticated test sequences for better accuracy and reliability.
Medical equipment requires high precision, and therefore, steady power input is the utmost condition. Preen's APS series is a solid state voltage regulator with high precision and fast response features. It converts utility gird power to a stable and regulated power, and prevent equipment from abnormal conditions such as surge from the grid.