Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Due to the growing demands for cleaner energy source, markets of renewable energy devices such as PV inverters and electrical vehicles have been steadily increasing. Many renewable energy need to be fed into the conventional power grid for practical utilization, but with possibility of abnormal conditions such as short time dip from the grid, renewable energy devices need to have capability to ride through such low voltage dip and fluctuation from the gird. Therefore, countries and institutions have established regulations to ensure safety and efficiency.
One of the most important equipment in renewable energy test system is the power grid simulator. Preen's PAS series Grid Simulator can be easily programmed to have fast changes on its output voltage and frequency with a low harmonic distortion and output impedance to mimic the dynamic behavior of the real power grid. It also features convenient external synchronization signals and the foremost important function of LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) simulation.
The PAS series provides the additional and critical capability of sinking reverse power, convert it and feed back to the real grid. With such an advanced feature, the customer can do any tests that simulate the behavior of the grid while benefit from energy saving. This is crucial for conducting reliability, life and burn-in tests. The percentage of energy saving can reach up to 90%.
Preen also has the total solution of a fully automatic and integrated system for renewable energy. Users can easily execute all or part of the verification tests, including UL-1741, IEEE-1547 &1547.1, BDEW-2009, IEC-62116, IEC-61727 and VDE-AR-N-4105.

Below graph is a simple representation of such a total solution.
Preen's ADG series programmable DC power supply is a high power DC source with power level up to 80kW and output voltage up to 1000V. Applications include burn-in and performance test for renewable energy and electric vehicle.

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