Research & Compliance Institute

Research & Compliance Institute
Different research & compliance Institutes may have different power requirements, such as power conversion or power conditioning. As the demands of automatic test steadily grow, requirements for power supply with programmable function are increasing rapidly as well.
For facility power in laboratory application, the surge protection and how to improve the power quality and harmonic distortion are foremost important, especially for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing chambers. Preen’s APS series of solid state automatic voltage regulators and AFC series AC power source can help improving power condition from fluctuation. The AFC Series AC power source has a very low output conductive noise, and it rebuilds the waveform after double conversion to provide pure sine waveform AC source.
Test in laboratory often requires voltage and frequency different from the utility grid or DC power input to simulate different power conditions. Preen’s AC power sources provides 0~300V and 45~65Hz adjustable output with reverse current protection. The high power unit up to 2000kVA is ideal for large capacity UUT. The ADC and ADG series DC power supplies provide output voltage up to 1000VDC and output power up to 80kW, which can cover most of the applications' needs.

For life cycle test, burn-in test, or R & D verification, users will need a power supply with fast response programmable function to run a more sophisticated test sequence. The AFV and PWF series equips with standard RS485 and RS232 communication interfaces and optional GPIB interface. Users can use the built-in programmable function to edit test sequence of voltage and frequency. PWF series has a wide output frequency range of 45-500Hz and 300 -800Hz, suitable for aviation, aerospace, defense and military type applications.

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