Aerospace & Defense

For the aerospace and military type applications, 400Hz AC and 28VDC are common specifications, but due to the ever-changing technology, 800Hz AC and 270V DC are now the new standards for aerospace markets. Different from commercial applications, power supply for military and aerospace not only need to provide quality power, but also have to follow MIL-STD-704F standard and handle harsh working environment.
The ground power units supply aircrafts power converted from the utility power to 400HZ or 800Hz for inspection and maintenance purposes. The traditional motor generator type ground power has down side on size, noise issue, fuel consumption and stability, which make many users gradually replace it with solid state frequency converter or ground power unit. Preen's AMV / AMF series can provide a stable 400Hz or 800Hz power source with IP54 protection and 200% overload. There are outdoor and indoor models that have been applied in aircraft hangar, repair center, or military facility. For DC power applications, the ADS and ADG series can provide 28VDC or 270V DC power supply with robust design and high overload capability. It has been widely used for powering inductive type equipments.
An aircraft is made out of 3~5 million components. When it comes to performance and characteristic test, AC and DC power supplies are one of the most important devices. The applications require high accuracy and reliability from power supplies. Preen's PWF series is a wide frequency range AC power source with programmable function to remote control and monitor the working status. The PWF series also has built-in programming sequence function, which allows users to program the unit easily. Applications include R&D lab, life cycle test, verification test and etc.