Home Appliance

Home Appliance
AC power sources or frequency converters are widely used in home appliance industry to provide quality power source and simulate different voltage and frequency for export or compliance test purposes. They have become an indispensable instrument in R&D and production phases.

Before being exported, home appliances need to be tested under voltage and frequency that are different from the grid. Preen’s AC power sources provide a pure sine wave power with great voltage regulation, high frequency stability and low harmonic distortion. Users can convert utility power to a power with desired voltage and frequency, and runs verification process in a variable voltage and frequency to ensure home appliance’s performance and reliability in abnormal power environment. Preen’s AC power sources also have reverse energy protection to handle inductive type loads.

In laboratory use and performance test, remote control and programmable function are critical. The AFV Series power sources have built- in programming sequence function allowing easy test setting. Users can also do the programming according to test plan and shorten the testing time.

Preen also provides voltage regulators products to protect equipments from fluctuation of the grid and improve power quality. It will prevent equipment from grid abnormality to ensure precision and accuracy.

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