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Found in 1989, Preen (AC Power Corp.) is a leader in power supply system and has been developing products based on the core technology of Power Conversion. We boast one of the broadest product line of power supply, includes AC Power Source, DC Power Supplies, Power Supplies for Defense Industry, Renewable Energy Simulators, Line Conditioners.

  • AFV-P Series

    AFV-P Series is a programmable AC power source with DC output and precision measurement. This compact power source provides clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 5-100 Hz and it delivers output voltage of 0-310 V and frequency of 15-1000Hz (opt. 5-2000 Hz). It is ideal for commercial, defense and aerospace test applications from design verification, quality assurance, ATE to mass production.

    • Output Power : 600VA~5kVA
    • Output Voltage : 0~310V (0~620V opt.)(0~1240V opt.)
    • Output Frequency : 15-1000Hz (opt. 5-2000 Hz)
    • Capable to simulate Power Line Disturbance, such as IEC-61000-4-11
    • Inrush current capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current (Option : 9 times of peak current for AFV-P-600, 1250 ), which is suitable for verifying ATX 3.0 standard
  • ADG-L Series

    The ADG-L's auto range feature can generate a higher output current at lower output voltage, covering a wide range of application in single unit. The intuitive touch screen HMI increases operational efficiency and convenience.

    • Output voltage up to 1000V
    • High power density: 15kW in 3U
    • Higher power generation by easy parallel configuration
  • High Power Programmable DC Power Supply


    ADG+ series is an upgraded high power DC power supply, featuring low ripple, high accuracy and fast response. It can simulate various characteristic of solar array with the optional I-V curve function. The Output power is up to 300kW per unit with the patented modularized design and easy mater-slave parallel operation. With the output voltage up to 2000V, making it the ideal choice for applications like EV motor, DC/DC converters, ESS and inverters.

    • Simple master-slave operation, the output power can up to 1800kW via the parallel connection.
    • Wide range of output voltage up to 2000V.
    • Optional I-V curve function for Solar Array Simulation (built-in EN50530 mathematical formula)
    • Ideal for renewable energy and EV testing applications.
  • Best AC Source for High Power Testing

    AFV+ Series

    With single unit output up to 2000kVA, the AFV+ series is ideal for simulating voltage and frequency conditions in different regions, covering home appliances, motors, medical equipment, lighting and EMC lab applications.

    • The THD is only ≦0.5%,Leading Performance on Harmonic Distortions
    • Three-phase voltage unbalanced simulation
    • Output frequency up to 500Hz
    • Intuitive 7”Touch Screen
  • Cost Effective of High Power Programmable AC Source

    AFV Series

    The AFV is a series of programmable AC power source that can be remote controlled and integrated with other systems for easier operation. Applications include home appliance, electronic, medical equipment, lighting, etc, the output capacity can up to 2,000kVA.

    • Output Power : 10kVA~2000kVA
    • Output Voltage: 0~310V
    • Output Frequency: 45~120Hz with opt. 45~500Hz.
    • Interfaces: RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet with opt. GPIB or Analog
    • Comprehensive Protections for High Reliability
  • Specialized Gird-tied Device Test Solution

    PAS/PFV Series

    PAS Series product is developed for renewable energy related applications. It can simulate the various grid conditions and related test standards. Especially the voltage or frequency transient simulation test feature, it is suitable for production, quality verification, research and development.It also builds in with Low Voltage Ride Through Test (LVRT) test function, step mode and gradual mode programmable capability.

    • Output Power: 30kVA~2000kVA
    • Output Voltage: 0~300V
    • Frequency: 45~65Hz (40~70Hz opt.)
    • THD: ≦ 2% (Resistive Load)
  • AFC Series

    AFC series is a general AC power supply which can simulate standard or abnormal voltage and frequency status. It is suitable for the Certified Bureau, the production and R&D of various industries including home appliances, electrical electronics, medical equipment and lighting.

    • Output Power: 10kVA~2000kVA
    • Output Voltage: 0~310V
    • Output Frequency: 45~65Hz (45~65Hz, 100Hz / 120Hz / 200Hz / 240Hz / 400Hz opt.)
    • CE certified

Significant markets Preen served include electric vehicle, renewable energy, home appliance, military, aerospace and medical. Preen provides further solutions according to different applications to improve the user's efficiency and convenience.

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  • Switching Power Supply
  • Research & Compliance Institute
  • Renewable Energy
  •  Medical Equipment
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Home Appliance
  •  Railway System
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  • Shore Power Supply
  •  Electronics Manufacturing
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