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AVR & UPS Preen has three major product line, AC Power Source, DC Power Supply, and UPS & Voltage Regulator. We also developed products that serves to specific applications and market's needs.
  • APS series is a solid state power conditioner with high precision and fast response time. Applying electronic compensation design topology, the APS series can detect fluctuation on input voltage and compensate to provide pure and stable voltage. Applications include mobile / laptop SMT production lines, medical equipment, communication equipment, telecom stations, EMC test and laboratory.

    • Wide input voltage range : rated voltage ± 18% ~ ± 25%.(option)
    • High input power factor >= 0.95
    • Optional EMI filter for better power quality
    • Customized outdoor cabinet to increase protection class to IP54
  • APH series is a cost-effective inductive type automatic voltage regulator with output power up to 600kVA and strong overload capability to sustain impulse loads. These features make it widely applied in motor industries, CNC machines, transportation system, production equipment, and factory for power conditioning purpose.

    • Power : Three Phases 10-600kVA
    • Voltage : 220V/380V
    • Frequency : 47-63Hz
    • Voltage Range : -13%~ 17% , -22%~ 30% (Option)