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Jul 27 2022

New Generation of AFV series High Power Programmable AC Power Source


The WOW Factors of New AFV Series
With continuous improvement on technology and quality for various electronics, the market has stronger demand for high-power, high-performance AC power supplies to meet more precise testing requirements. Following this trend, Preen has launched an upgraded AFV high-power programmable AC power supply. AFV is an AC power source utilizing advanced PWM technology to deliver power with THD ≤1% and up to 2000kVA in single unit. The output voltage range is 0-310V, and the frequency range is 45-120Hz (optional 45-500Hz). It is suitable for high-precision or complex power supply applications.(Learn More: Best Choice of Home Appliance Testing)
∎  STEP & RAMP Programming Function
Users can set output voltage, output frequency and running time via 24 and 12 built-in memory groups of STEP and RAMP function which can cycle up to hundreds more times. For example, AFV series can gradually sweep the frequency from 45Hz to 120Hz, or increase the voltage slowly up to 310V from 0V. Ramp and STEP function can create a wide range of waveform instead of single fixed output power. 
AFV series provides several advanced optional functions for users.
∎  Three Phase Independent Adjustment & Phase Angle Adjustment
Three Phase Independent Adjustment function could let users independently adjust voltage of each phase, therefore AFV can test up to 3 units of single phase loads and this function can also simulate voltage unbalanced or lost-phase. Phase Angle Adjustment is a function which users can adjust the phase angle for each phase between three phases, to simulate phase shift for different power conditions.
∎  Overload Capacity and Soft Start Function
AFV can withstand current overloads of up to 125%, 150%, and 200%; and through the soft start function, it can effectively suppress the needed start-up current when starting up motors, compressors, and other electrical products which require high start-up current. With this function, AFV series can provide reliable and robust solutions.
∎  Remote Sensing
For many scenarios, there is a certain distance between the power supply and the load which results a voltage drop. The remote sensing function can automatically compensate for the voltage drop caused by the distance, eliminating the inconvenience of adjusting the voltage manually.
∎  Comprehensive Communication Interfaces
Following the Industry 4.0 trend, AFV supports comprehensive communication interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet. Users can also choose optional GPIB or RS-232, RS-485, USB and Ethernet which can support both MODBUS and SCPI protocols according to their needs.
∎  Fresh New Look
In comparison with last generation, AFV series not only has prominent improvement with the performance, the exterior has become more delicate as well. The starry ivory unit is ornamented with our corporate color-bright orange along with 7 inches colorful touch screen which brings out a flow of freshness and bright new UI experience. The integration with elegance for both inside and outside will definitely become the main focus of this launch.
↓ Let's watch the introduction video of brand-new AFV series!

The Ideal AC Source for High Power Testing Applications
Preen’s new generation of AFV series high power programmable is aiming to provide solution for high power test application. All the models are capable of delivering pure sine wave with high output power, low distortion, high stability, advanced programmable function and remote control features. These advantages not only suit for R&D and QA in manufacturing, but also meet the standard of industries such as home appliances, electric motors, medical equipment, EV and lighting. AFV series provide high quality solution which is complied with EMC and LVD testing regulations, this product is the ideal AC source for high power testing applications.