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Feb 23 2022

New Generation of ADG+ Series: Output Power Up to 300kW Per Unit


Upgraded Output Power and Output Voltage➚
Preen’s ADG+ series is a high power programmable DC power supply which is newly upgraded from the ADG series. It is an industrial-leading stand-alone DC power supply with high power and parallel function. With the design of DSP control, it offers a great response time and high accuracy.
The output power is up to 300kW per unit with the patented and modularized design that offers easy master-slave parallel operation. The output power can be up to 1800kW and output voltage can reach 2000V or output current 2500A. ADG+ series is complied with various industrial applications. The output voltage and current can be further expanded via parallel or series operation.
As the rise of renewable energy and high power, ADG+ series is the ideal choice for applications like PV Inverter, EV, Renewable Energy and power batteries. In addition, it can also meet the test requirements of passive components, Switching Supply / Connectors, semiconductors and testing laboratories, etc.
Solar Array Simulation
ADG+ series high power programmable DC power supply options as solar array simulation function can be programmed SAS mode and EN50530 mode from the front panel without using a controller.
 ∎  SAS Testing Mode
Using SAS mode, user can set Voc, Isc, Vmpp and Impp according to the spec of PV inverter, then the DSP control system performs P-V and I-V curve calculation accordingly. The dynamic irradiation adjustment is also available during output.
 ∎  EN50530 Testing Mode
The EN50530 Testing Mode features solar cell model of C-SI/Thin-film. The feature of dynamic irradiations/temperature adjustment allows users only need to set the VMP and PMP, while other parameters will automatically calculate the values given by the standard EN50530. Aside from simulating the characteristic of C-SI/Thin-film, users can also define I-V curves based on different materials to simulate various solar cell.(Learn More:Driving Force behind a Sustainable Future: Solar Array IV Curve Simulation Solutions
Remote Control Software for Better User Experience
ADG+ series options I-V curve remote control software (Preen Program) with parameter setting and output waveform display to verify Dynamic & Static MPPT Efficiency of SAS mode and EN50530 test regulations. Users can easily control multiple sets of test parameters, and generate the test report that compiled with test standards accordingly. Preen Program is your best partner for remote monitoring and programming.
A Huge Leap for Appearance and Performance
Preen's new ADG+ series offers a comprehensive performance optimization, 7'' colored touch screen, rotary knob and emergency stop button for easy operation and measurement display. With the characteristics of low ripple ≤0.05%, high accuracy ≤ 0.1% and fast response ≤ 4 ~20ms.
ADG+ series has a great improvement on output power, programming, time setting resolution and voltage/current resolution measurement. It is CE and RoHS certified and with the I-V curve function. These points make it the best partner for doing more precise and complicate testing.

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