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Oct 29 2020

Preen Sincerely Invite You to Participate in Higher-Efficiency Power Supplies Seminar on November 11th.

The main focus of this seminar is to discuss how to use higher-efficiency power supplies and better power requirements by new advance power design methods. More importantly, to aim for lower energy consumption rates, while effectively extending battery life. Preen responded enthusiastically to this event and became a sponsoring partner of the seminar, hoping to contribute to the issue of allowing people to use clean, green and stable energy in the future.

During the exhibition, we will display the latest generation of products ADG+, AFV-P and ADG-L series. Among them, the ADG+ series is a newly upgraded high-power programmable DC power supply with a wide output voltage range up to 2000V, and low-voltage and high-current models that is up to 2500A; its patented module design plus simple master-slave parallel mode, the power can even reach to 300kW. Not only that, ADG+ is also equipped with an optional I-V curve output function for simulating a solar array (SAS). It is one of the few models on the market with high power and this function.

Demo series:   ADG+、ADG-L、AFV-P
Duration: 2020/11/11 
Venue: HNBK International Convention Center