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Aug 21 2020

See You at Power 2020 Three-in-one Conference in Taipei, Taiwan

The theme of this conference is Power Electronics Technology and Power Grid Robustness. The annual power electronics and engineering seminar are currently the most professional seminar in Power and Energy Technology Seminar. We are at the era of energy evolution to renewable and green energy which will lead the trend in the next ten years. On account of the trends is developing more vigorously, Preen expects that by joining to the holding of this conference, we will become one of the helps to link up the research of production, government, academic, and research units.

Preen will exhibit the latest launch ADG+ series, its patented module design has simple master-slave parallel mode. The power can reach 300kW with wide range of output voltage that can reach up to 2000V. ADG+ series also has low-voltage high-current models that can deliver up to 2500A. For all the reasons above it is compatible with various industrial applications, including Electric Vehicles, lithium batteries, fuse tesitng, solar inverters, switches and servers, etc. On the other hand, with its unique IV curve output that simulates solar arrays, it is one of the few models on the market that has high power and feature to simulate photovoltaic output. 

In the end, we hope to dedicate ourselves to generating energy to accelerate the development of power electronics and make contribution to the energy technology industries.


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