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Jul 14 2020

Preen Sponsors Charging and Testing Equipment for Taipei University of Technology Formula Racing Team

Now is the time that the awareness of green energy is increasing all over the world. Hence, the development of electric vehicles is accelerating recently. Preen hopes that through our dedication and efforts for the new technology development to the renewable power field, we can create and bring out a new atmosphere to the industry. Starting this year, Preen has cooperated with Taipei Tech Racing (TTR), the Taipei University of Technology Formula Racing Team. Preen provides the team with excellent testing power supplies and share the professional experience and domain knowhow with them. Preen hopes to take on greater responsibility by actively assisting the young generation to carry out their innovative ideas and help them to purse their dreams.

The Taipei University of Technology Formula Racing Team holds a presentation "Taipei Tech Racing Commemorative Exhibition and New Technology Presentation" from 7th to 12th,July. The fifth-generation brand-new electric auto racing car built by the team was also unveiled during the exhibition.With our support and sponsorship, TTR will use Preen’ ADG-L series programmable DC power supply as a charging device for their fifth generation racing car. It can also be used as measurement instruments for research and development testing.

The TTR Formula Racing Team of National Taipei University of Technology was established in 2014. The team members are mostly from the Department of Vehicle Engineering, participated by college and master students. In addition, it is the second college team of Taiwanese FSAE. TTR members share a diverse background across the Schools of Design, Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science. The team will participate in the FSAE event organized by the Japan Automotive Engineering Association (JSAE) in August next year. The students are all very excited about going to Japan next year to participate in the competition and present their new car.

The ADG-L series used by TTR this time is a programmable high-power-density DC power supply, which can be used in industries such as solar power industry, lithium batteries, and laboratories/certification bureau. It has excellent output performance, user-friendly HMI and its output can go up to 2000V/375A. These features are suitable for DUTs that require high voltage or high current. ADG-L series can also provide various test simulations and aging testing during the development stage. It is very suitable for students to use not only in R&D testing but also application as a charging power source.


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