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Jun 11 2020

Preen Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its Establishment "Glory 30, Sustainable Development"

Preen (AC Power Corp.) celebrate its 30th growth and service of establishment. Thus, a big ceremony was held in Suzhou.Hosted by the chairman of the board, Mr. Frank Tseng, all employees in China cheerfully joined this three-day celebration. With joyful laughter and deep appreciation, Preen honored its thirtieth birthday. The celebration strengthen the enterprise its internal coherence, as well as built up deep faith of collaboration for another 30 years of promising future.

The design of the 30th anniversary logo combines the concept of circuit diagrams and Preen’s vision toward renewable energy, symbolizing our foundation of test & measurement profession and the spirit of sustainable regeneration that we held, and conveying that we are committed to continuous and innovative development of power supplies. Moreover, Value-added and Innovation is the core concept of Preen. The 30th anniversary logo not only perfectly combine with Preen’s core concept, it also reveal our lasting prospect of building teamwork to march towards sustainable management.

On the other hand, during the celebration ceremony, everything is carefully prepared from group game to delicate cuisine and make sure Preen has successfully create the best time for everyone.During the evening party, Mr. Tseng gave an inspiring speech. The chairman expressed his gratitude sincerely to all the employees for worked consistently this whole time. In the end, with mission statement of stable growth and constant inspiration from Preen, Mr. Tseng encouraged all of us shall work together to achieve our fundamental goal – becoming the Standard of excellence in Power Supply market.




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