The Ideal HVAC Test Solution


The Increasing Global Temperature and Growing Demand for Air Conditioning Testing
The global high-temperature climate and high urbanization degree have driven the demand for air conditioners, and the Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing market for air-conditioning equipment. Due to the concern of climate change, how to lower the energy consumption of HVAC systems has become a key factor in the design stage. A Psychrometric Calorimeter is a critical tool for verifying HVAC to ensure they provide efficient cooling and heating under a variety of environmental conditions.
Air-conditioning equipment refers to a device used to create and maintain fixed temperature, relative humidity, and air movement & purity conditions in indoor spaces. Balanced room-type calorimeter and Indoor air enthalpy are the two major methods to test the air-conditioner. Based on the Air-conditioning equipment type, there are different standards such as ISO 5151, ISO 13253, ISO 15042, GB/T 7725, GB 21455, ARI-310/380, JIS B 8515 & JIS C 9612.
The AFV+ series Provides Stable and Pure Power for Air Conditioning System Testing, Ensuring ISO 5151 Compliance Test
The AFV+ series provides stable and pure sinewave output. The ≤0.5% low THD helps eliminate disturbance from the grid to improve the accuracy of test results and assist air conditioning equipment manufacturers in conducting calorimeter room and indoor air enthalpy testing. In some cases, it can even help stamp out the disturbance from DUT to the grid, which means it avoids the developing DUT interfering with the connected electric system and nearby equipment.
According to the ISO 5151, the air conditioning system needs to be tested at 90% and 110% of the rated voltage input during the maximum operating cooling/heating test. If the air conditioning system has more than one input voltage, test according to 90% and 110% of the nameplate voltage. If the DUT has different input rated frequencies, they must also be tested.
Preen Provides Stable Power Solutions for Diverse Testing Needs
Preens programmable AC power source lineups, AFV+, AFV, AFC and AFV-P series, offers a wide selection for different test applications. These power sources offer an adjustable voltage output range of 0-310Vac and support a wide range of frequency outputs, with capabilities extending up to 2000Hz, which is well-suited for simulating test standards such as ISO 5151, GB/T 7725, and GB 21455. With a power range spanning from 600VA to 2000kVA, they are suitable not only for testing room air conditioners but also for packaged air conditioner testing.

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