Take Your Products to Next Level: Precise Voltage and Frequency Conversions


As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the quality of life for individuals has been simultaneously enhanced. Nowadays, electronic products are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and to ensure high quality and safety standards, precise testing has become an essential part of development.
Before official launch, electronic products are required to pass a series of testing. In addition to EMC/EMS testing, voltage and frequency testing must be conducted to ensure products meet the diverse international electrical safety standards and can work normally across various regions. In response to such demands, variable transformers and programmable AC power sources have emerged as the two widely adopted testing methods in the industry. The following contents will provide a detailed overview of the differences between AC power sources and variable transformers.
Variable Transformers VS AC Power Sources
We have compared the operation, wave simulation, and remote control of variable transformers and AC power sources to see their advantages and disadvantages.
Variable transformers have limitations when referring to the operation, they cannot adjust the frequency, moreover, users need to turn the knob manually to adjust voltage and read the parameters through the pointer. These make the operation less intuitive and accurate, especially when conducting tests like a short interruption, the time limitation will make the process more difficult, and the results are usually less precise. On the contrary, Preen’s AC power sources have diverse features that include friendly UI touch screens with colorful displays, helping users adjust the frequency and make fine-tune adjustments for parameters and changing values, and quickly recognizing all the parameters operation become quicker and easier.
According to IEEE 519, electronic products’ THD is suggested to be less than 5%. Variable transformers cannot optimize the THD of main electricity, while Preen’s AC power sources deliver power with THD ≦ 0.3%, which means sine waveform. Furthermore, Preen’s power sources come with complimentary remote-control software, offer easy settings, and can simulate various types of power line disturbance such as surge, sag, spike, and dropout, which makes comprehensive test procedures easier. (Learn more: Preen Program Makes Remote Management a Breeze)
To conclude, both variable transformers and programmable power sources are highly reliable. However, in aspects of operation, waveform simulation, and remote control, Preen’s AC Sources offer better solutions: the fast power conversion, accurate parameters, intuitive remote control, and easy programmable capabilities, can fulfill basic to sophisticated applications.
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Preen aims to provide clients a total solution
Preen’s programmable AC power source includes AFV-P, AFV+, and AFC series. AFV-P series is equipped with a total of 1200 test steps and 50 built-in memories. AFV+ series is featuring STEP and RAMP programmable functions to easily set up multiple groups for the automation testing process. On the other hand, the AFC series with multiple levels of frequency and a wide range of voltage is ideal for power conversion applications.
Preen’s complete power solution not only provides clean sine waves and better THD performance; but more importantly, it can also simulate worldwide electric power systems to secure the reliability of the products.

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