APS seriesSolid State Automatic Voltage Regulator
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Preen's APS series is a solid state voltage regulator with high precision and short response time. Using electronic compensation design topology, the APS series can detect fluctuation on input voltage and compensate to provide pure and stable voltage.


Applications include mobile/laptop SMT production lines, medical equipment, communication equipment, communication stations, EMC test and laboratory use.


The APS series has single-phase and three-phase models with power level up to 300kVA and input voltage range of ± 18% or ± 25% optional. The ±2% voltage regulation and ≤4ms response time make it ideal for applications requiring high accuracy.

Product Features
  • Wide input voltage range : rated voltage ± 18% ~ ± 25%
  • Fast response : ≤4ms / step
  • Optional EMI filter for better power quality
  • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance
  • High input power factor: ≥0.95
  • High efficiency: up to 98% at full load
  • Customized outdoor cabinet to increase protection class to IP54
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature
  • Optional surge protection with different levels
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