ADC seriesRack Mount DC Power Supply
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Utilizing PWM switching technology, the ADC series DC power supply has high power density, short response time, high accuracy and well-around protection. It has been widely adopted in prod production line, burn-in test, laboratories and integrated system.


Featuring a straightforward user interface, the ADC Series has advantages of modular design with compact size and light weight. It has three models of 2kW, 4kW and 8kW unit, and can be paralleled up to 64kW with 19 inches cabinet. With flexible configuration design, ADC series can meet needs of various applications with high price-performance ratio.

Product Features
  • High power density: 2kW and 4kW models are 2U, and 8kW model is only 4U
  • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance.
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature
  • Remote sense for line drop compensation of 0~3V
  • Current limit function
  • Three 19-inch cabinet available (18U、32U、42U),
  • Optional RS232 and RS485 interfaces available
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